Saturday, January 12, 2008

Look what I learned to do!

I'm at TNNA - which is The National NeedleArts show. At first, I dreaded it because I have never been able to knit. I tried a few years back and nearly poked my eyes out with the needles from frustration. But, truthfully, I've always been jealous of those that can knit. I want to make my own sweaters, especially since I'm a hard fit. But, I had NO CLUE how to do that.

While out here, I was talking with some of our authors and watching Hannah Fettig do some of her knitting. Bound and determined, I got a set of really nice ebony needles from a booth of awesome women and headed to the F+W Booth for a lesson. Hannah wasn't there, but Shannon Oakey was and she gave me a few quick lessons and VOILA! I can cast on and do basic stitches. Today - I'm going to learn to purl.

Do I still suck at it. Yea - I'm learning how to hold the needles properly and get my stitches going, but I'm going to keep working on it. I've already called Scott with my excited news and he has requested a "big ass blanket". I think I can do that with the one stitch that I know. Ha!

All in all, this has been a pretty cool trip!

Oh - and I knitted at dinner last night with a few girls. I got to sit at the big girl knitting table! :)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year Everyone!

Well, I just want to hop on and wish everyone a happy New Year! We had a great holiday and now I'm in the rude awakening of returning back to work after an extended period of time off. Truthfully, it's snowing here in Cincinnati and I want to go back home and climb into bed and sleep another five hours but that's not going to happen. Might as well post a blog and deal.

Here are some photos from the Holidays:

I'm officially back on program for my diet. After losing 35 lbs since June, I have gained back 5, which is completely unacceptable, but it was a fun month. SO, today I start back on plan and am now working on a Biggest Loser diet as well. I'm in debate as to whether I want to do Weight Watchers again or try on my own. I always feel like WW is someone I have to answer to, so it keeps me on track a bit better, but I could use the money that it costs for something else right now. In either event, it's back on track and watching calories, working out, etc.

Did anyone see TBL last night? I'm not sure who I'm rooting for, yet. Probably the blue team, because I think it's cool that they just met and are now competing like this against other teams that have the emotional connection. I don't know - give me a few weeks and I'll figure it out. I usually end up with a favorite mid-season.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and I'm hoping to have a more interesting post sometime soon.