Friday, March 31, 2006

Me and Addie

Got my Mac Book Pro at home. LOVE the photobooth on there. :)

Here's Miss Addison at 13 days old. She's now 2 weeks today. :( Where does the time go???

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I vowed I'd never do it...

But, I took Maggie to school today in my pajamas. We're talking no shower, no change of clothes, just throwing on the Crocs, a jacket, and that's it. Good thing is that she had me drop her off so nobody could see me, but I still feel like a big loser for it.

Addison must be in a growth spurt. She wanted quite a bit of milk last night, so I'm bumping up her feedings. For the past few nights, she was sleeping 4-5 hours at a time, but last night I was lucky to get 2 hours at a time out of her. My butt is DRAGGING today. She's also quite awake and active today - more than before. So, no naps for mommy. Looking forward to the weekend when Scott can take a night.

Oh, and I'll have pictures of Addie, soon. My boss is supposed to bring my Mac by tonight and I'll be able to upload to it. (My home system is still on the fritz) I've already filled one flashcard and have about 40 on another.

Maybe I'll have updates tomorrow!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Damn Computer!!!

I hate my home computer. Got lots of photos I want to post - stupid thing won't read the disk. Can't wait to get my Mac!

I'm contemplating taking a sledge hammer to it. Darn hormones...

Friday, March 24, 2006

Adjustment Period

Addison is a week old today. Officially at 6:53 pm. This time last week, I was registering at the hospital. Goodness, it seems like a dream. I guess I just never thought I would see the day where I'd hold another newborn. Even though I'm completely sleep deprived, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

In the spirit of adjustments, I'm going to list my Top 10 realities since bringing Addie home. Some are funny, others are hormonal and mushy - just like me!

10) I'm at the mercy of the sleeping pattern of a newborn. Embrace it.

9) Maggie will have moments. She's no longer the only child and needs time to accept that. Besides, it'll get me ready for when she's a teenager.

8) Buy stock in P&G, Mead Johnson, and Kimberly Clark. I'll benefit from it someday after all the diapers, formula, detergent, pads, etc. that I've had to buy. I alone am increasing their profit margins.

7) Advil doesn't come in a big enough bottle.

6) Don't bank on the baby being big even though that's what the doctor says. Make sure to have a variety of sizes of clothes on hand or else you'll be washing 3 loads of laundry/day.

5) Huggies prevent leaks better than Pampers right now. (Exact opposite with Maggie) Getting ready to try the Luvs - about $2.00 cheaper.

4) I should have bought more than 8 - 4oz. bottles.

3) Take a shower first thing in the morning. Makes me feel better all day.

2) Good friends are a blessing. Be thankful for them.

Kim and Barb were there when I found out I was pregnant and they were there when I had her. Good friends like that are a blessing. (Just like Tina, Jamie, Melissa, Rita, Missy, Emily, Teresa, etc.)

1) I am married to the most wonderful man on the planet. He's the best daddy - watching him with his daughters makes me fall in love with him all over again. That's why he's Scottie 2 Hottie. :)

I'll be sure to post more photos as soon as I can. My home computer pretty much sucks. I'll be getting my Mac Book Pro this weekend, and I'll post Addie updates more frequently.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Addison Reese Rohlfs

Born: March 17th at 6:53 p.m.
Length: 19.5 inches
Weight: 6 lbs. 7 oz. (I KNOW! What happened to that big baby the doc was predicting???)

I came home Saturday night right after her 24 hour PKU test. I didn't want to stay any longer - I'd rather recoup at home. Still adjusting, so I apologize if I haven't called or e-mailed. I can barely get online in-between naps and alternating the schedule with Scott. Plus, I forgot about how much laundry one little newborn produces. Thank goodness he's home for a few days so that I can recoup a little bit. I also forgot how wonderful it is to have a newborn. To sum it up: we're in love!

Maggie is doing well and loves her baby sister. The jury is still out if she still likes Scott and I. LOL! But, we're trying to do some stuff with her this week so that she knows she's still very special to us.

I'll post more photos and the birth story later. Maggie just went to school and Addie is taking a nap, so I need to get some sleep. (Had about 2 hours last night)

Oh, and I'm also debating selling my Kenny Chesney tickets for Thursday. I want to go with Scott so badly but physically, I'm worried about going and I'm not sure I'm ready to leave Addie, yet. I just know I'll be drained and probably will want to be home. Never thought that would be the case. :(

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Last day of work!!!

Today is my last day of work until I have the baby. I have to be honest - it's about time because I'm having a hard time getting around. I believe she's dropped since yesterday. (Which was a full moon by the way!) Don't worry - I'll still be accessible, but won't have my work e-mail again until next week when they install wireless at my house. It'll give me a few days to recoup and get situated anyway. Looking forward to that! Plus, I'll still be blogging from home!

For my last day, we all went to PF Changs (YUMMY!) and then of course I had to hit the Cold Stone next door. I went all out - sweet cream ice cream with fudge, a brownie and yellow cake. In total I've gained three pounds this pregnancy. If you ask me, I've done pretty darn well. My doctor has been VERY pleased about that. I'm just excited because I'm thinking I'll be wearing jeans home this time!

Barb brought her camera and snapped a few photos - had to share them. She's SO FAB at taking pictures. These are my favorite pregnancy shots. The people in front of PF Changs thought we were an odd bunch, but oh well. I thought about climbing up onto the horse, but figured it was too high and I'm too unbalanced at this point. HA HA!

Here are photos - I tried to get Barb to photoshop some chin off, but we were on a time crunch. LOL! Look at my sexy belly (as said in my best Fat Bastard voice)

Reason why I've gained three pounds!

But, it was good!

I'm SO ready for a nap now. If only they would have got me the couch I requested months ago! Sigh...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

There are two channels

that no pregnant woman should watch: TLC and Discovery Health. I'm not kidding. I'm absolutely addicted to TLC's "A Baby Story" and Discovery's "Birth Day". (By the way, Birth Day Live is on tonight)

But, here's the kicker. Even though I have a light at the end of my tunnel, it's still not here and watching these shows makes me cry everytime. I'm at the emotional phase of my pregnancy. Everything makes me cry. Doesn't matter what it is. I cry because I'm scared about Friday. I cry because I'm excited about it. I cry because the Smith family had their third child on the show and she had a water birth without drugs and made it look so easy. I cry because the other girl took an epidural and I watched them put it in and now I have epidural phobia again. I cry because I'm worried that my cervix is going to stay shut and I'll end up with a c-section. Cry, Cry, Cry. I think Johnny Cash wrote a song about that!

Yes - I'm a big mess ball and need to be banned from TLC and Discovery. Good thing I can't get the channels while at work.

Of course, I can still cry. Went to lunch today. Saw an old man. God love him - he was obviously having a hard time getting around and what do I do. Sit there and eat my lunch and cry because I wanted to take him home and help him. Right now I'm listening to my itunes - and you guessed it. Having a good cry. I think the hormones have started early. Been trying to put this off but I think I'm just exhausted and emotional.

For the love of everything, someone help me turn off the waterworks...

Monday, March 13, 2006

March 17, 2006

That's the date of induction. At 9:00 am - I am to be at the hospital ready, willing and waiting. It's exciting because deep down I always thought this would be a St. Patty's baby. Now, it's looking like more of a reality unless something happens between now and Friday. And, goodness help me - I hope my labor doesn't extend to the 18th!

I feel like I have so many things to do and not enough time. It's literally consuming all of my thoughts. I still want to scrub every crevice of my house, my SIL needs me to do her taxes, I have to get my own taxes figured out, etc., etc. Not to mention packing the bag and making sure that I have all of my arrangements made for Maggie. Goodness - I'm going to miss her while I'm in the hospital. I just LOVE that girl!

Of course, now that we're having a St. Patty's Day baby, my husband has decided she needs an Irish name. I thought we were about 85% solidified on one and now he's decided he wants something different. I'm thinking this is going to get ugly before it ends. LOL! The name debate has been ongoing since we found out we were having a girl. With Maggie, we knew immediately what we were going to name her. With this one - we have no clue. It's sad. I have a list sitting by my computer at home that I plan to take with me. That way I don't forget any of the ones that I like. Or, mistakenly give her a name that means "transsexual goat" or something. This baby naming stuff is scary business!

We also have the ongoing saga of me wanting NOBODY in the room but my husband. For some reason, people don't understand that. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't birth a PRIVATE thing? I mean, seriously, it's not a family picnic. In the end, birth is a beautiful thing, but it's still my private area that's on display and I'm just not really feeling this whole "letting everyone and their brother" in the room. I feel like Bailey from G/A - don't look at my va-jay-jay. The biggest one is my husband's sister. The last time she showed up while I was laboring she needed more attention from my nurses than I did. She requested heated blankets so that she could take a nap and then proceeded to sleep on the floor. WTH!?! My doctor had to step over her. I told the doctor to just kick her to the side, but I guess that wouldn't have went over well. So, I've asked DH to tell everyone that I don't want a bunch of people there. Besides, I can be a moody one, especially when in pain. Good thing is, doc told me today that I didn't have to be Superwoman and could have my epidural whenever. Yes - I'll take an epidural and a good dose of pitocin please.

Gotta go home and get ready. So many things to do, so little time!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

9 months ago...

Ok - so maybe less than 9 months ago, but quite some time ago nonetheless, this is what I saw:

It's so hard to believe that the time has already passed and here I am waiting for the baby. I'm not going to lie - I'm impatiently waiting. I just feel like everything is on hold until she gets here - that I am waiting for this hump to go over before I can do a bunch of stuff. After my appointment on Thursday when it was concluded that there was NO CHANGE and that they'd check me on Monday and see about an induction next week, I decided to at least play a bit. Went scrapbooking on Friday night and had a great time - got to see my friends!

Yesterday Maggie went for her cheerleading fitting. Yes - she wants to be a cheerleader. Yes - everyone that knows me or saw the "Fire Me Please" episode knows how I feel about that. But, watching her excitement yesterday as she put on the "shell" (Like I know what that is?) and her little skirt, etc., made it worth it. She'll have a good time this fall, plus I hope she makes more friends than just those in her class. We'll see how it goes.

Of course, as we're leaving the gym there are two boys outside in a fistfight. NO parents around, except me. My initial reaction was to separate them and pull the one off of the other. (The one kid was being PUMMELED) But, then I had to stop. These boys were about 12, so they weren't small kids. And, here I was 9 months pregnant. I could just see myself getting tangled up in this mess. I ran inside and grabbed another parent and when we got outside, the one boy took off running. Sadly, the other boy had NO IDEA who he was or why he attacked him. :( I was so upset. I wish I could have pulled that kid off of him. Those who know me know that I don't tolerate that type of stuff. Me and the other mom drove around looking for the boy but couldn't find him. Brat! What else was upsetting is that Maggie stood there with me - I told her to jump in the car, but she saw it. I came home and told Scott that she's taking some sort of self-defense class as soon as we can logistically figure it out. (I've been wanting to put her in Tae Kwon Do for a while, now.) I want her to be able to defend herself against something like that. I just have no idea what gets into the minds of kids these days.

Anyway, it's Sunday and I'm just doing some laundry and waiting for the rain to ease up. It's rained all weekend. So dreary and depressing. I need to run to the grocery but I'm like an old cat - I hate getting wet. So, I'm playing around and watching "In the Womb" and "Birth Day". Yes - shows to remind me that I haven't had my baby, yet. LOL!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Where are they now????

So, I'm sitting here waiting to go to the OB. Just chillin', surfing the net and watching some VHI Classic. It's at this moment that I realize I'm no longer "young and hip". Why? Because I'm jamming to VH1 CLASSIC! I'm not hip on MTV, but VH1. Yes - harsh reality people. I'm going to be 30 and I'm diggin' the music on here - takes me back.

As I'm watching videos and completely cracking up, I thought I'd do a "where are they now" sort of thing. Although, it's not a "where are they now", it's more of "what the heck where we thinking?"

Case #1 = Rick Astley

Seriously... the man could sing. Looked like "Howdy Doody" but could sing. His video "Never gonna give you up" was on and all I could think of was that he had 1, count that ONE dance move. The traditional white-boy shuffle where your arms and move from left to right. Smooth...

Then, we have Tommy Page. Does anyone other than former NKOTB fans know who he is?

I'm contemplating RAKing someone who can name THREE songs Tommy Page sung without looking them up. HA! Here, I'll give you one. "I'll be your everything" and yes - I know all the words, still.

Then you have the guys that are in "80's teen idol denial". Case in point - Donnie Wahlberg. Oh yes Donnie - you were ghetto, you were a teen idol and you were a NEW KID. Don't deny it buddy. You were hip.

Honestly - I think he looks better here than he does now. Another reason why I'm old - Donnie is almost 40. I remember when he was 21. He's now some officer in Annapolis or something. I didn't even RECOGNIZE him in the trailer. Hey Donnie - grow the beard and put the nose-ring back in.

Finally, my favorite. I was going to marry this man when I was 13. Not kidding. To this day I think I'd get giddy if I ran into him. Every boy band has their "shy one" and of course, I'm the sucker for the shy one. Say hello to Jon Knight. Or, Jonathan as I think he prefers these days. Older brother to Jordan Knight. Former New Kid turned real estate agent or something.

He's a hottie. He actually reminds me of Scottie 2 Hottie. Same chin and smile.

Fun times...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Thought of the day...

"Instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I'd have cherished every moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle."

For the past two weeks, I've been trying to figure out how to go into labor. Today my cousin sent me Erma Bombeck's poem about things she would do differently and I decided that this isn't so bad. Yes, my back hurts. Yes - my belly aches sometimes. Yes - the stretchmarks are starting to take on an identity of their own. But, she's warm and she's happy and here I am assisting God in a miracle. Yes - this is a great and wonderful thing.

Monday, March 06, 2006

So far I've...

tried Don Pablo's salsa, eggplant parm, Donato's, pork chops, cleaning my floor and gettin' with my man. NOTHING has worked. LOL! Just kidding! I just had to giggle at all of the suggestions on how to go into labor. Unfortunately, I don't think any of them will work. (Ok - maybe the last one) I had heard about the eggplant parm thing but that would just make me throw up and I eat so much chips and salsa that I'm sure I have an immunity to it at this point.

Here's my theory now. When I worked at P&G, there was an older woman there that told me "You'll have this baby on the next full moon". Well, she was right. I had Maggie on the next full moon - me and about 35 other women. She swears there is something about the gravitational pull, etc., and that "moon children" deliver on those days.

I'm a moon child - born under a water sign. She had a whole chart and theory about it. At first I thought she was a little goofy but she was RIGHT! So, I checked out the Farmer's Almanac and the next full moon is the 14th. I'm not even thinking about delivery until then. I figure the baby is enjoying herself and growing. Heck - I was 9 lbs. 15 oz. at birth and my mom had me. (Au naturel - no drugs to boot!) I figure if she gets much bigger I can do it, too! (Minus the no drugs part - me and epidural are friends)

In the spirit of not thinking about labor, etc., Scott and I had what we presume will be our last "date night" for a while. Occasionally we have his parents keep Maggie overnight so that he and I can do something with just the two of us. Usually it's a movie, etc. This time, we ran over to the riverboat casino with my mom and my cousin and her husband. My cousin called me and was like "It's tradition - we HAVE to go." What she means by that is that when I was pregnant with Maggie, I was trying so hard to go into labor. We would go over to the riverboat casino in hopes that the rumbling from the boat's engine, all the excitement and all of the walking would do the trick. Never did, but I won enough money to buy Scott a new lawnmower. (Exciting - I know) This time, we went over and Scott rubbed the belly for good luck. He ended up winning $200. So, now I have new curtains in my living room. :) If nothing else - date night at least turned into "I can go to Target on Sunday and buy some stuff I've been wanting". Works for me!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Still pregnant...

Still here.

Doctor said there were no changes, so I have another appointment scheduled for next week. At first I thought about begging and trying tears. Then, I decided to just go with it. Another week isn't so bad. Gives me time to finish getting things ready. Goodness knows I'm going through the nesting phase and have more plans to do some other stuff. Now I have more time. That's good! Plus, I never really got around to the belly shots, so Scott's going to have to step up his picture taking this weekend. And, me and Baby X can spend some more quality time together. She doesn't even have a name, yet. YIKES!

Plus, I bought "Walk the Line" today. Going to curl up with some ice cream, my hot husband and my adorable daughter and watch it tonight. Scott and I saw it in theatres and Maggie just LOVES the soundtrack, so we bought it thinking she might like the movie. Of course, she's been falling asleep early so she might not stay awake for it. (For those of you wondering, YES - I let my daughter watch movies like this. Life is not all "Charlie and the Chocoloate Factory" and she's so into music and Johnny Cash that I figure what the hey - let her watch it - except maybe the scene with his brother) I'm so into the love story with the movie that I could watch it over and over. Fascinating.

The other good thing is that I have more time to organize my office and work on Summer CHA stuff. I uploaded a bunch of my CDs to Itunes on my new Mac. Lovin' that!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fun Stuff

Lots of fun stuff going on right now! Figure I should just list them in my blog, why not, right?

1) Baby X will be here soon. Yes - I keep saying that, but it's true. She's getting ready. My next appointment is tomorrow and I will be armed with tears, begging and anything else that will help me get an induction date.

2) Got my new Mac Book Pro! Yes - it's sweet! Here's Morris and Janice playing with the photobooth on it yesterday - we're so productive here. Remember girls - Morris is available! You have to be ultra awesome though before the rest of us will let you date him. He deserves a great girl! Trust me - he's a catch!!!

3) Barb started work today!!! YEA!!! It's great having someone to bounce ideas off of, etc. She's busily working on some CKU projects - we've decided to do the remaining two albums this year. Maybe more. Lots of things will be happening here at IP soon!

4) Talked to S2H a few times today. My hubby is a hottie. Even when he's Earl. He got his hairs cut last night. So cute! Wish I had a photo to post but I pretty much went home and went to bed.

5) Getting excited about seeing Kenny Chesney! Scott bought me tickets to see Kenny for Valentine's Day. I can't even believe I forgot to blog about that. I'm telling you - I am married to one great man. The concert date is March 23rd - he even arranged babysitting and everything. LOVE him!

6) Have dinner with my family tonight. I love Wednesdays. I have dinner with my mom, cousin Lorrie, brother, etc. Tonight is Skyline! My nephew works there after school, so he's bringing everyone dinner. It's so nice to just have one night a week to connect with my extended family. Even if they drive Scott nuts. :) (For those of you NOT from Cincinnati, Skyline is our sweet chili that we eat with spaghetti and cheese, or on a hotdog. If you're not from here, you'd probably hate it)

7) Got my wireless appointment scheduled. Making the Rohlfs house a hot spot. :)

8) Maggie is finally feeling a bit better. My poor little pumpkin has battled the stomach flu and an ear infection in the past week. We've spent a lot of time cuddled up on the couch reading books. I'm amazed at how much she has learned in school and how fast she catches on. She's also asking to name her sister "Meredith". I've been letting her watch too much G/A.

That's all - I tried to make it to ten but quite frankly - it's lunchtime and I'm starving. Gotta go feed the baby!