Monday, March 06, 2006

So far I've...

tried Don Pablo's salsa, eggplant parm, Donato's, pork chops, cleaning my floor and gettin' with my man. NOTHING has worked. LOL! Just kidding! I just had to giggle at all of the suggestions on how to go into labor. Unfortunately, I don't think any of them will work. (Ok - maybe the last one) I had heard about the eggplant parm thing but that would just make me throw up and I eat so much chips and salsa that I'm sure I have an immunity to it at this point.

Here's my theory now. When I worked at P&G, there was an older woman there that told me "You'll have this baby on the next full moon". Well, she was right. I had Maggie on the next full moon - me and about 35 other women. She swears there is something about the gravitational pull, etc., and that "moon children" deliver on those days.

I'm a moon child - born under a water sign. She had a whole chart and theory about it. At first I thought she was a little goofy but she was RIGHT! So, I checked out the Farmer's Almanac and the next full moon is the 14th. I'm not even thinking about delivery until then. I figure the baby is enjoying herself and growing. Heck - I was 9 lbs. 15 oz. at birth and my mom had me. (Au naturel - no drugs to boot!) I figure if she gets much bigger I can do it, too! (Minus the no drugs part - me and epidural are friends)

In the spirit of not thinking about labor, etc., Scott and I had what we presume will be our last "date night" for a while. Occasionally we have his parents keep Maggie overnight so that he and I can do something with just the two of us. Usually it's a movie, etc. This time, we ran over to the riverboat casino with my mom and my cousin and her husband. My cousin called me and was like "It's tradition - we HAVE to go." What she means by that is that when I was pregnant with Maggie, I was trying so hard to go into labor. We would go over to the riverboat casino in hopes that the rumbling from the boat's engine, all the excitement and all of the walking would do the trick. Never did, but I won enough money to buy Scott a new lawnmower. (Exciting - I know) This time, we went over and Scott rubbed the belly for good luck. He ended up winning $200. So, now I have new curtains in my living room. :) If nothing else - date night at least turned into "I can go to Target on Sunday and buy some stuff I've been wanting". Works for me!


primitivebunnies said...

New baby is your lucky charm! Cute... I am so glad you are healthy and doing well - keeping you in my prayers.

Linda A. (elendae) said...

A date night out *and* new curtains? Sounds like a win/win to me!! So glad you're having fun and enjoying these last few days of your pregnancy! I know it seems like forever to you, but it seems like just yesterday when you posted that you were pg!! Wishing you well this week, and I can affirm the "full moon" theory - both of my girls are full moon babies!

Angie said...

That doesn't work for me. You need to have her on the 13th so I can win the fabulous prize pack from the baby pool!

Sorry. It just has to be done this way.

Karlyn said...

Did anyone suggest Castor Oil? My second child was a castor oil baby. Read online to mix it with OJ and soak in a warm tub. I mixed mine (about a tablespoon and a half) with a milkshake. An hour later I got in the tub and as soon as the belly hit the water I started to have contractions. She was born 6 hours later.

Hope that wasn't TMI for a blog comment but I highly recommend the induction method. Beats Pitocin anyday!

Good luck, can't wait to hear!

Becky said...

Hang in there, girl! Congrats on the new curtains!