Thursday, March 27, 2008

Heeeerrreee's Addie!

Lots to post but I don't have all the photos. Just this one of Addie trying to get into my nephews room at my mom's house. I'm telling you - she's mean. LOL! She's a cute little pumpkin, but she's meaner than a striped spider. (However mean they are - it's a saying my mom always uses)

My nephew sent me this photo. He recently bought a Rebel XT and he's always snapping photos of the kiddos. But, this one takes the cake.

I'll post more soon. Promise!

Friday, March 21, 2008

My baby girl turned 2 this week!

I know - bad Ginger. Not blogging like I should again, but it's because these past few weeks have just been crazy. It's not like I don't WANT to blog - I just can't seem to find the time to do it. But, I have the time right now for a minute (while uploading other things on another window) so I figured I'd get it done. :)

Big news this week was that Ms. Addie turned 2! We were very busy last weekend with birthday parties galore. On Friday, we celebrated with Addie's "Man of her dreams", Colin, as he celebrated turning 2. They were born literally hours from each other, delivered by the same doctor, etc. I think it's destiny for them. :)

Even though St. Patty's Day is Addie's birthday, we had her party on Sunday so that friends and family could all be there. Try cramming way too many people into a few rooms. It was craziness! Plus, Addie is not about singing or attention which just makes her moody sometimes. Here she is as we're singing "Happy Birthday" to her. Last year, she covered her ears. This year, she just stared at everyone or her cake -glaringly.

We also brought our dog to the festivities. He was the hit of the party because he's a good pup and well, he's hairless, so he stands out a bit. Here is my good friend, Missy, and her daughter Alexis holding Achilles. (Whom we have affectionately renamed Batman due to his markings coming in looking like a mask)

Oh - and of course, I'm posting this photo of Laura and Karin because it will drive Karin crazy that I did this. LOL!

I just love those girls!

I think everyone pretty much had a great time. I would post a photo of Maggie but in most of them she's either making a terrible face (she's in the pouty stage of life right now) or she's giving me the cheesiest grin ever. She's excited, though, because tomorrow I'm signing her up for cheerleading. I told her dad that she's going to get to pick and she decided to take a little time off from tae kwon do to cheerlead. It's what she wants to do, so I'm letting her do it. I figure she's old enough to decide these things. We'll see how that goes!

Oh - and big news also on Addie's front. Last night we bought underwear! Ms. Addie has been using the potty quite a bit lately and she decided she wanted some Elmo panties, so I bought her a pack. My mom is trying them today, along with a small potty to see how she does. She's been keeping her pull-up dry so why not try the transition? Wish us luck! (those pull-ups are PRICEY!)

That's all for now. Hope everyone is doing well and have a great holiday weekend!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged on a few blogs, so I'm finally getting around to posting my 7 random things. The deal is, you post 7 random things about yourself and then tag a few more of your blog buddies. :)

Here are mine:

1) I hate mayonnaise and eggs. HATE them. They gross me out. If either/or is on a plate with my food, I won't eat it. There's no scraping it off. It cannot TOUCH it whatsoever. I freak. FREAK.

2) I'm missing 8 of my adult teeth. My mouth was too small for the size of my teeth. (mom's jaw, dad's teeth) So, I had 8 of them cut out - four before braces and four after so that it wouldn't shift the work they had already done.

3) I had REALLY easy labors with both of my girls. Six and eight hours respectively. I was induced both times and the girls are both born on the 17th - Maggie in July and Addie in March.

4) I wear a size 10 shoe. Have worn that size since I was in the 5th grade. Maggie is well on her way to the same thing. She already wears a women's 6.

5) I live a mile from where I grew up. So much for being adventurous and moving far away from home.

6) I went to a private, Catholic college on a full-ride scholarship. I thank God for my alma mater every day. (I was one of the rare "public school" kids)

7) Betty White and the guy that played Enis on The Dukes of Hazzard and John Michael Montgomery are distant cousins. They're all on the Hasty side.

There are my random facts. Hope you learned something new about me. At least, something that will not incriminate me in a court of law or cause me to never be able to be elected for President.

Now to tag some friends - since most of my friends already tagged me, I might be double-tagging you. Here goes: Heather, Teresa, Janna, Barb, Laura, Angie, Trisha, Jen and Josie.

Oh - and for those of you wondering how our pup is doing, here he is from last week.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Why are people A$$holes???

Ok - so I'm at home today for the 2nd time this week because I have terrible vertigo, nausea and headaches. Why? Well, because I was slammed into last week. Granted, accidents happen. I get that. Everyone and anyone can have them. Here is what pisses me off - the circumstances. The guy that hit me was an illegal alien from Mexico. He spoke NO English (or claimed he didn't), was driving without a license or insurance, had a carload of people with him and basically I'm the one stuck with a lot of the bills.

Fortunately, my insurance is covering almost everything except the $500 deductible, which I cannot get back because this guy has no insurance, he basically moves from place to place (according to the cops), has no bank account and they cannot confirm his official ID because he gave them multiple names that he goes by. His car was registered to another illegal - apparently in America you can register a car without a license or insurance.

This all went down last week, and then yesterday I get a subpoena to show up to court to testify against him. That is - IF HE SHOWS. Of course, if he shows, I might try to get my $500 and I might be taking out of his ass. (Well, I want to, but unlike a lot of other people, I OBEY THE LAW) The court date is at 9:00 am while I'm normally at work, so I'll be missing more work because of this jerk. (Who was speeding when he slammed into me - I was stopped in traffic and he rear-ended me) I have to say, the cop did arrest him and tried to do what he could, but the issue lies with our own laws and government. I think we need tougher laws on illegals, and we need to address uninsured motorists. Thank GOD I had uninsured motorist coverage, but really - there needs to be harsher penalties for this crap.

Oh- and to compound this - Scott went outside today and our OTHER car has been hit - on the passenger side door and we're not sure when that would have happened but obviously they knew they hit it (white paint on my car) and they didn't bother to leave a note or try to contact us. Once again - Assholes. I hope they get theirs.

Sorry for the vent but can you tell I'm fed up?