Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

So we did the Black Friday thing last week. Pure insanity at 5:00 at "The Wal-Mart" but a lot of fun, too. Scott, my cousin Lorrie, and I got up early and did the trek. My goal was to get Maggie a personal DVD player and pick up a Cabbage Patch for Addie. (Both of which were accomplished.) We headed over to Target afterwards and Scott enjoyed watching a few people fight at the door. I'm pretty ambivilent to it these days because I've done Black Friday for a while now. This was Scott's second time venturing out with me (the last time being about 9 years ago).

That evening we took the girls to the mall just to see what was going on. I wanted to stop by and say "hi" to a friend working at the Disney Store and Scott needed to pick up some cologne. The weird part was - the mall was empty. There were not a lot of shoppers and hardly anyone out with kids which meant Santa was free with NO line. This is where reality sets in - I'm attaching the photo of my two kids with Santa last Friday. They're not dressed up and they pretty much look like two poor little rugrats, but I love this photo. You can't tell but Addie has sweet potatoes on her shirt because she ate at dinner and I didn't have a bib with me. Maggie's shirt is riding up in the back because she's on a growth spurt and most of her shirts ride up these days. Both needed a comb because we'd been out all day and Maggie's hair was windblown and Addie just has crazy hair right now. It's so funny because most people dress their kids up for their photo with Santa. Nope - not me this year. Just plopped them on Santa's lap and snap the photo!

Santa was a great guy, though! He laughed with the kids, held Addie and talked to her and asked Maggie what she wanted. Of course, Maggie does like Ralphie in "A Christmas Story" and she sort of freezes and shrugs. I had to remind her that she had asked for an American Girl Doll. (Which has also arrived and is sitting at my brother's house since the box says "American Girl" on the outside! Didn't want UPS dropping that off with Maggie home!)

Scott wanted to put this photo on the Christmas cards but I told him "no". I at least need to dress them up for SOMETHING so it might as well be the Christmas card photo. My plan was to dress us all in Bengals attire and take it but I can't get the husband to go for it. Maybe I could just dress me and the girls up and then photoshop Nick Lachey in there. LOL! Just kidding Scott!

One more day until December. Geesh - where did the year go?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Scott and Maggie have new belts...

Nothing really new and interesting is going on in my life, except that Scott and Maggie got their new belts in Tae Kwon Do. So, now they're both green belts with full sparring gear and I have to sit and listen to them bicker and spar all the time. Life at the Rohlfs' is definitely insane.

Here's a photo I affectionately refer to as UFC 78. They're both in their fighting stance, and I was playing with photoshop colors. Note that Maggie is a belt level HIGHER than Scott. (Sorry honey - had to point that out - I think it's funny...) My baby girl is moving on up the TKD ladder!

Then of course I had to take a photo of the baby! Addie was such a trooper during belt ceremony. (Which normally lasts about an hour, hour and a half.) She sat and hollered "da da da da dad" as loud as she could because she could see Scott sitting there waiting for his new belt. The other people there were laughing because you could totally tell she was hollering for him. I just held out the camera and snapped a photo of her. She's so funny and adorable!

I've got my hands full with that kid!

One more day till Turkey Day! Ironically, I'm a fat girl that doesn't eat turkey or much on Thanksgiving day. If it's not macaroni and cheese or mashed potats, I'm not really eating it. Although, the best thing I've EVER had on T-Day was "White Castle Stuffing". Ah yes...Chateau Blanc. Talk about good stuff! I've been begging someone - ANYONE - to make it again for me. (Since I don't cook) If you know anyone that does, please let me know so that I can show up at their door tomorrow with two kids and a husband. Thanks! :)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

People Released their Sexiest Men

And frankly, I disagree about George Clooney being the Sexiest Man Alive. (I picked a different Cincinnati boy) So, I decided to make my own list of celebrities that I think are H-O-T. First I must put in the disclaimer that my husband, Scottie 2 Hottie, is the hottest man in my life, but then after him, here is my list of the top 5 guys in entertainment that really get my blood flowing.

Number 5
Brandon Flowers - Lead singer of The Killers. Yes - I love a man in eyeliner. I think it's kind of hot. Plus, he can sing!

Number 4
Ashton Kutcher - I know. So sheepish. So fourteen-year-old girl. But, let's face it. He's hot. He's got the model look thing going on and he's funny. And he likes older women. Good boy!

Number 3
Scott Foley - No, not "Felicity" Scott Foley. We're talking "The Unit" Scott Foley. Oh Hell-to-the-yeah! The only guy I've ever seen who looks BETTER with a buzz cut. I wouldn't mind being rescued by him.

Number 2
Kyle Chandler - This man has been hot since "Homefront" in 1992 when he played Jeff Metcalf. I've followed him through Early Edition and being turned into pink mist on Grey's. Now he's the coach on Friday Night Lights. Makes me want to suit up!

Number 1 - This should come as no surprise to anyone that knows me...
NICK LACHEY - He made People's list but he's the TOP of mine. Good ol' Cincinnati boy. He eats Skyline, plays cornhole and can has a sexy voice. Plus, those eyes. I LOVE blue eyes on a dark haired guy! And, he's tattooed. I like 'em tattooed! Yea baby! Bring on Nick Lachey! He puts sexy back in the cheesy armband tattoo. He makes a wifebeater shirt hot. I'll take two of Nick please!

I did have a lot of honorable mentions, too. I mean - it's not a list without the HM's. (Tyson Beckford, Chris O'Donnell, Mario Lopez, Tiki Barber, David Carr, etc.) Men who will NEVER be on my list: Brad Pitt & Tom Cruise. We've already covered that in previous blog posts.

So - girls of the world - ban together. Post YOUR list - I wanna know your men! (Laura - that means YOU - even if you have to confess to Steve Martin!)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ever feel uninspired?

I sort of do right now. Don't know what the funk is all about but it's like I'm absolutely inspired to do NOTHING. Absolutely zilch. Normally I'm on a creative high and designing and doing all sorts of things but right now it's like there is this huge wall and I can't even see over it. Have no idea what that's about - I'm just hoping the fog lifts soon.

I also hate posting blog entries without any photos. So, I'll post this one:

Did anyone watch Grey's Anatomy last week. (Who am I kidding? Half of America watches that show!) Anyway, the scene where Addison delivered the stillborn baby did me in. I cried. Sobbed. Sobbed for a while. Sobbed to the point that Scott was yelling at me and telling me it was a show. But to me it wasn't. At that moment it wasn't a show. It was something as real as it gets. I remember thinking about when I was pregnant with Maggie and we were doing the nursery and his parents came over to help paint the walls. They had lost their first baby - Brian - during birth. He was stillborn. I remember their hesitation in helping us prep the nursery. It wasn't hesitation in the sense that they didn't want to help us. It was more that I think they were having flashbacks about their own loss and how he had to come home and take all of the nursery stuff down. It hit me. Right then the pain that the couple in the show was having hit me. I cried for the couple there and I cried for them. I cried because God let me have a healthy baby. The next morning I was still in tears. That's me - emotional. If you know me - you know that I cry a lot.

Ok - since I don't want to have a completely depressing blog post, I thought I'd update a bit about the girls. Maggie had her belt testing on Saturday (she and Scott both tested this weekend) and I have photos but forgot my flash card so I don't have anything to upload right now. She will be a senior green belt this Saturday and Scott will be getting his green belt. We have Maggie's conference on Thursday and her last report card said she's reading above grade level so I'm happy about that.

Addie learned some new tricks. I need to videotape it for the blog but we have a vintage janky-ass video camera, so I'll just have to describe it for you. My brother sings "la la, la la" to her and she bobs her head back and forth to sing to the music. She's also saying "la la" in rhythm with it. Plus in honor of the Florida Gators this week, Scott taught her the Gator chomp. You clap your hands together up and down like a gator a few times and then go "your turn" and she'll do it right back to you. It's HILARIOUS. We were at our little local hang-out with the girls and my cousin last night showing the people who work there Addie's tricks. They were cracking up at her Gator chomp. Imagine this itty bitty little baby doing the Gator chomp. It's a riot!

I suppose that's enough blabbering for a Tuesday but at least I updated the blog!

Monday, November 06, 2006

The Orange & Blue

Scott and I had a GREAT weekend down in Nashville at the Vanderbuilt vs. Florida game. Of course we had to go down there and root for our GATORS! We left early, EARLY on Saturday morning (I don't think I was even fully awake when we left) and arrived in Nashville at about 9:00. The game started at 11:30, so we hung out at the stadium for a while. We couldn't find any tailgators (come to find out they were on the OPPOSITE end of the stadium) so we just watched the teams practice and then vegetated for a while.

Here we are in the bleachers WAY before the start of the game.

Here's the Gators coming out of the tunnel. I LOVE it when they run across the field with the flags. College football just rocks!

We had to cheer on our hometown boy, DeShawn Wynn. D went to school and played football with a few of my nephews, so it's always nice to see a hometown kid doing something good! Plus, we all know that the Gators produce great running backs. Just ask Emmitt Smith!

Finally we had dinner last night with Scott's family. It was his grandfather's 75th birthday. I need to get a photo of him with Scott because looking at Grandpa Moore, I know EXACTLY what Scott is going to look like in about 35 years. It's quite funny to tell you the truth. I've never seen someone look so much like their grandfather as he does. Even acts like him. (I'm sure Scott will be real happy when he reads this!)

Here's a photo I snapped of Addie last night. She is saying SO MUCH these days. "Mama", "dada", "baba", etc. She likes to babble, and holler. You should see her holler at Maggie some days. She wants to get her attention and so she screams as loud as she can. 7 Months is SUCH a fun age!

That's all for now! I promise to update more! Oh - and before I forget, if you live in the Ohio area, I'll be teaching at Simply Scrapbooks in Dayton on the 2nd of December! I hope to see everyone there! (More info to come!)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Trick or Treat

Yea, so I'm a few days late posting this. Aren't I always? I've decided to embrace my slacker attitude. After all, it's sort of a part of who I am.

Halloween was fun but it stunk because it was rainy pretty much most of the day and part of the evening. We did manage to do some trick or treating and Addison even went with us to a few houses of neighbors we know. (I kept telling them that a 7 month old did NOT need candy!) Maggie was wired and ready to go - that kid could have went through five neighborhoods if we let her. She also insisted on wearing these goofy antennae on top of her head. They didn't go with the M&M Costume but hey - she's a kid and I wasn't really in the mood to argue. So, I let her wear them. (They were pumpkin atennae)

Addie, on the other hand, was embracing everything about her costume. I originally wanted them to match, but when I saw this - I had to have it! Leave it to Old Navy to have EXACTLY what we were looking for! (By the way, props to Scott who found it and showed it to me)

All in all, Halloween was a good time. I had Maggie sort through her candy last night and I am bringing it in to my co-workers because I don't want a ton of the good stuff lying around. NONE of us in the Rohlfs household have ANY willpower.

Lastly, Scott and I are headed down to Vanderbuilt this weekend to watch our Gators play. Go Orange & Blue!!! I'm sure I'll post pictures of that next week!