Monday, November 06, 2006

The Orange & Blue

Scott and I had a GREAT weekend down in Nashville at the Vanderbuilt vs. Florida game. Of course we had to go down there and root for our GATORS! We left early, EARLY on Saturday morning (I don't think I was even fully awake when we left) and arrived in Nashville at about 9:00. The game started at 11:30, so we hung out at the stadium for a while. We couldn't find any tailgators (come to find out they were on the OPPOSITE end of the stadium) so we just watched the teams practice and then vegetated for a while.

Here we are in the bleachers WAY before the start of the game.

Here's the Gators coming out of the tunnel. I LOVE it when they run across the field with the flags. College football just rocks!

We had to cheer on our hometown boy, DeShawn Wynn. D went to school and played football with a few of my nephews, so it's always nice to see a hometown kid doing something good! Plus, we all know that the Gators produce great running backs. Just ask Emmitt Smith!

Finally we had dinner last night with Scott's family. It was his grandfather's 75th birthday. I need to get a photo of him with Scott because looking at Grandpa Moore, I know EXACTLY what Scott is going to look like in about 35 years. It's quite funny to tell you the truth. I've never seen someone look so much like their grandfather as he does. Even acts like him. (I'm sure Scott will be real happy when he reads this!)

Here's a photo I snapped of Addie last night. She is saying SO MUCH these days. "Mama", "dada", "baba", etc. She likes to babble, and holler. You should see her holler at Maggie some days. She wants to get her attention and so she screams as loud as she can. 7 Months is SUCH a fun age!

That's all for now! I promise to update more! Oh - and before I forget, if you live in the Ohio area, I'll be teaching at Simply Scrapbooks in Dayton on the 2nd of December! I hope to see everyone there! (More info to come!)


Sheri said...

fun pics!
As a random piece of meaningless information, I'll tell ya that I was born at Shands Teaching Hospital.... at the UofFl!!

Kimberly Brock said...

Looks like a fun get-away!!! Glad you were able to enjoy some adult fun! If ya need an assistant for Dayton let me know.

Anonymous said...

Your husband is sooooo hot, you must be the luckiest woman in the world!!!!!!!