Thursday, July 24, 2008


I'm back from CHA and still trying to pull myself out of numerous piles that I seem to be hidden under. Work, home, yarn, paper - there are a bunch of them. For the first time, I went to CHA as a soft crafter - not a paper crafter per se. It was very different for me. I was yearning to visit yarn booths to touch all of the yarns. Since there were really only three or four booths dedicated to the craft, my void was not completely filled but I did snag some awesome needles from the Clover people. They ROCK! Takumi velvet - like regular bamboo but with more slide. Felt good in my hands...

On the way to Chicago, I finished a hat that I had been working on. Here's the fabulous Laura modeling it for me.

Since this photo I have added a pretty little felted flower. I'll post a photo of the finished product, soon. I haven't had time to upload my own photos. (<--LOSER = ME)

I have to say, I had the best time. Being with friends makes it all worth it.

(I haven't forgot about you, Jane - photos are coming!) ;)

Jana's sister, Julie, met us out there to help celebrate Jana's 29th birthday (aren't we all 29???) and Julie and I had the best time knitting together. Ok - maybe I had the best time and Julie probably thought I was some weird girl with a yarn fetish, but it was awesome! In the evenings, the other girls are playing with Copic markers and stamps and Julie and I were in the corner, needles a clickin'. I can't wait to hang with her again! (If you read this Julie, I'm driving up to Michigan sometime with Jana!!! She just doesn't know it, yet!)

As for papers - I still have the love for them. October Afternoon by far was one of my favorites. So was Sassafrass, Scenic and some Basic Grey. Yummy stuff going on over at the BG booth. Oh - and K&Company is still working with Amy Butler which always makes me happy. Sonburn had some really cool stuff, too. Their Eco line was adorable and truthfully - I have been trying to implement some recycling/eco steps in my life. I recently learned (courtesy of Cosy Cornelius-Bates and her book!) how to recycle sweaters into yarn and am plotting a trip to our local thrift store to try it out, but for now, I have a few unloved sweaters that will soon be coming apart.

Anyway - that's it for now. Maggie is having a birthday party tonight (My baby girl is EIGHT, now) and I'll be posting photos of that for you as well. OH - and her cheerleading started. I'm officially the mom of a cheerleader and last night practiced cheers with her. Do you even know how brutal that was for me? At least she's enjoying it and that's what matters. GO DEVILS GO!

Monday, July 07, 2008

I Dream in Roving...

It's official - I am hopelessly addicted. I've started scouring the Net for a local store and have joined a knitting group. It's so hard to remember what it was like starting from ground zero when I first started scrapbooking. That was over 10 years ago. I feel like I could scrapbook in my sleep. So, whenever I screw up on a knitting project, I get frustrated with myself. It's also a lot of math. I guess scrapbooking always was, too. I just never realized it.

How do I know I converted? My Amy Butler K&Company tote now houses my needles and yarn... I can't wait for CHA to see the yarns and knitting booths... I've bought six knitting books in the past month... I now have a "yarn basket"...

See the pattern?

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Things that make me happy...

I'm 13 again...

(Oh - and the slut on the beach better get off of Jon...)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Want to see something hilarious?

We rented "Strange Wilderness" this weekend and I have to tell you. One of the funniest scenes EVER in a movie is in this show. Check this out:

He drew eyeballs on his eyelids. I nearly peed myself laughing at this.

Just had to share!