Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Scott turned 30

on Saturday. We had a nice dinner with some friends and that was about it for celebrating. I just can't believe he's 30! When I met him, he was 19 - we were just kids. Now, we're these married "adults" and sometimes I still feel like we're the kids. What's so great about him is that he's funny, a total hottie, and the best dad. (Even when we argue over how to discipline Maggie)

What's awful is that I forgot to bring my camera and therefore didn't get ANY pictures! I could stick my head in the mud over that one. Ever since I became pregnant, it's like all the wiring in my brain doesn't quite function. I forgot to bring my camera to events, I haven't had any scrappin' mojo, and I'm lucky to know which day of the week it is. LOL! Oh's all worth it.

On another note, Friday night I went scrapping with some friends. It was the first time that I've been to a crop (where I wasn't working) in over a year. It felt so good to just hang out, laugh with the girls, work on some stuff and relax. We promised to do it monthly so I hope we stick to it. There is a group of about 6 of us - me, Barb, Jamie, Tina, Kim, and Chris. It was a great time!!!

That's about all. I feel like I should always say something sensational in my blog but truthfully - my life is pretty boring right now. We're gearing up for Memory Trends and that's consuming most of my attention as well as CKU Stamford. I'll be glad to have a break for a while. I'm not going to be doing CKU's for some time due to the baby, etc. That'll be a nice change of pace.

Friday, September 23, 2005

The wonderful thing about scrapbooking

is that you make some amazing friends! I was talking to my good friend, Barb Hogan, this morning and she was telling me to stop by her blog. Normally I check it every day but yesterday I was a bit swamped and didn't have a chance to jump online. So, the first thing I did this morning was hop online and check it out and I nearly cried. 1) Because Barb said some wonderful things about me and she is one of my dearest friends and 2) Because she posted photos of me with the "napkin boobs". It's a long story but imagine 10 scrappers crammed into a van then going out to Julio's for dinner in Chicago. Yes - things got a bit crazy. :) So, in the spirit of Barb's blog, I'm posting about the special people I've met through this hobby - Barb included.

Here we are in Chicago. I just don't know what I'd do without these girls. Barb is on the right and she is one of the most amazing people I know. The woman OOZES creativity. I've never seen anything like it. I always tell her when I grow up, I want to be Barb Hogan. She has a heart of gold!

There are so many of my other friends here. Kim, Jane, Renee, Terri, Janice, Sara, etc. I love them all!

Being goofy definitely is a requirement of my friends. LOL!

Kim and Jane are so funny! I met Jane online because her last name was my maiden name, so we figure we're related somewhere down the line. Kim and I met two years ago at a local store and we've been great friends ever since. They absolutely crack me up!

The one girl that I don't have a photo of here in the office is Tina. She's another friend I've made through scrapbooking. We started working together over a year ago and now we've moved on and still work together. She's funny, makes me totally crack up and she's caring. Can't get much better than that! Love ya T!

Then there is Teresa and Sarah. (Talk about a long blog post)

Teresa is one of my best friends in the industry. She is genuine, would do anything for you, and is SUPER talented. Sarah is fun, creative, and totally cracks me up. Here we all are when I told them that I was pregnant. They are just wonderful, wonderful people!

Finally, there is Emily Adams. I don't have a photo of Em with me, either. :( Emily is another person that is caring, wonderful, and fun to be around. (Oh, and I can't forget Kate, too!)

I guess I've just met too many wonderful people in this industry to mention. I feel horrible that I might have forgot someone. (Sort of like those speeches that actors give) LOL! But, to all of my friends - know that I ADORE you.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Maggie has a crush!

It's so funny! She's been talking about this boy in class named "Jacob S." and she blushes every time I ask about him. She's been in Kindergarten all of 1 month and already has a crush. Anyway, today I got to meet "Jacob S." We were standing in line waiting for her to go into the classroom and this boy rushes by and he has a cast. (Maggie mentioned that he had broke his arm) He hollers "HI MAGGIE!!!" as he goes by and I can see Maggie turn about 10 shades of red. I bent down and asked her who it was. (I KNEW - Mom's know these sorts of things!) She whispers "Jacob S." and looks away from me. LOL! I was like "Oh...he's cute" and let her go.

I remember my own Jacob S. Although, he was Jason, but the older I got, the more I realized "ICK". LOL! This boy was cute, though. The type of kid that's going to be popular. He had spikey blonde hair and was very friendly. I'd say she's done well for her first school crush. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I haven't blogged in nearly two weeks. I guess I just didn't have a lot to say. Well, actually, I DO, but not things that I should probably share on a public blogging forum. LOL! Lots of things have been going on, plus I just finished CKU in Kansas City.

On a positive note, I am about 90% finished with the new stuff for Memory Trends. I cannot wait until the show where I can see my friends. That's one awesome thing about this business - you make friends that are near and dear. For me, it's Emily, Kate and Teresa. I would have been SO LONELY in Kansas without them. They made me laugh, cheered me up when I was upset, and we had a great time! Thanks girls!!! :)

From the homestead, things are looking good. Maggie has been in Kindergarten for a few weeks now and she's loving it. It's the getting her up in the mornings that is the worst part. She's a lot like her daddy. Doesn't want to get up and doesn't want to eat breakfast. She cracks me up. Then, of course, every morning isn't complete unless we listen to one of the Kids Bop CD's. Who invented those anyway?

Scott applied for another job within his company. I sure hope he gets it. It will be a lot less physical labor on him. Plus, he might have more time to finish his degree. In any event, I just want to see him happy.

Finally, I want to give out a few overdue "Thank You"s. At the last CKU I received some wonderful baby gifts from Emily, Meg and Michelle. This CKU, I got a gorgeous box from Micki Smith. Thank you ladies for being so wonderful! :) I didn't have your addresses, or else I would have sent you a note. But, I wanted to tell you "thanks". Your sweetness did not go unnoticed!

I better get back to finalizing the papers. Gotta finish naming them. That's the hard part sometimes. LOL!


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Simply Heartbroken

For a few days now, all I keep thinking about is the devastation in Louisiana and Mississippi. I keep thinking about Jlyne Hanback and the sight that she came home to. I keep thinking about what I can do as a person and what Imagination Project can do as a company. I've talked to a few people to try and set something up - to raise money, awareness, compassion.

I can't even imagine - I can't even BEGIN to imagine. All I can do is pray. Pray that it will never happen here, pray that those who are affected can find peace and solace and rebuild, pray for their health for it sounds like things are very dangerous from a biological standpoint. I pray for the animals that were left behind, the families that lost loved ones, and those still waiting to hear.

I'm heartbroken. Simply heartbroken.