Thursday, September 01, 2005

Simply Heartbroken

For a few days now, all I keep thinking about is the devastation in Louisiana and Mississippi. I keep thinking about Jlyne Hanback and the sight that she came home to. I keep thinking about what I can do as a person and what Imagination Project can do as a company. I've talked to a few people to try and set something up - to raise money, awareness, compassion.

I can't even imagine - I can't even BEGIN to imagine. All I can do is pray. Pray that it will never happen here, pray that those who are affected can find peace and solace and rebuild, pray for their health for it sounds like things are very dangerous from a biological standpoint. I pray for the animals that were left behind, the families that lost loved ones, and those still waiting to hear.

I'm heartbroken. Simply heartbroken.


Angela said...

Ditto--that's all I can say.

Tracey said...

Me, too. And I wonder just how much I can cry...Biloxi, Mississippi, is my hometown. I just moved to Iowa from Central Mississippi last year. It's home in my heart forever, and my heart is very heavy.

Emily said...

I'm sure we're all with you on this, Ginger. One of our friends from CKU Provo was affected and we're all rallying around her and her family as much as we can. Our family has made donations to Red Cross, Salvation Army. A local sports group is sending a moving van filled with diapers, formula, wipes, tylenol, etc. for the babies and children. And I still don't think we've done enough. So I'm still looking for ways to assist.

Donna Walk said...

((Big Hugs)) Ginger. I feel the same way. It's so horrible. :(