Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ginger's Sexiest Men

I was going to post about seeing Twilight (which I loved and am going tomorrow to see again!) but I could not help myself. I HAVE to do the Sexiest Men post. (I usually do this once a year and it's funny to watch my tastes change) Since People Magazine released their selections, I thought it was time that I view mine...

Keep in mind that some of these guys are from Ginger's "back-in-the-day". LOL! Oh - and as a disclaimer my main man is still S2H - but in the spirit of Ross and Rachel's laminated list on Friends, here is mine. (I'm going with 10 instead of five)

1) Robert Pattinson - for the love of everything on this planet - he is to DIE for. The hair, the British accent, the jawline, the brooding facial expressions. Sign me up.

2) Nick Lachey - I have to give Nick props. He has to be #2 simply because he's a good guy.

3) Kellan Lutz - This is a new one for me. I loved him as Emmett Cullen but I got to researching him and HELLO!

4) Ashton Kutcher - I have always thought he was adorable and had a really good look. Still do. Watched the Guardian and OMG - he's the modern day Tom Cruise in Top Gun. If you've never seen the movie - go rent it. It's worth it just to see Ashton!

5) Kyle Chandler - I've had a thing for Kyle Chandler since he did Homefront back in 1992. He still has it.

6) Tyson Beckford - From his early days as a Polo model til now. Tyson is one fine looker! Plus, he has a sexy name.

7) Michael C Hall - I have not watched him in 6 Feet Under, but I do like him in Dexter. He has that "all american guy" look.

8) Josh Beckett - He's an athlete, he has pretty eyes and he reminds me of my husband. Of course, I've always had a thing for ball players.

9) Jon Knight - I still have a lot of 13 year old girl in me and Jon Knight comes with that territory. He's the "shy" one in the boy band. I was always into the shy ones.

10) Hal Morris - Once again, from back in the day. Yes - he has a mullet in the photo, but he was still tight. We're talking 1990 and I'm sure he's still as hot today. I went to so many Reds games back then and my family thought it was just because I was into baseball. Ha!

I have a few honorable mentions but I'll just leave them alone for now. I'd rather post another photo of Rob up here. Ha!

Do you have a top 10? I'd love to hear them.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Move Over Nick...

I'm sorry sweetie, you've been replaced...

With a hot, 22-year-old. I'm sorry, but his brooding just gets me. Plus, he plays only the most perfect fictional character ever. His hair - in all of its messy glory - pretty much pushed me over the edge.

My friends are cracking up because they never thought Nick would be booted off of the top slot in my celebrity list. Alas...it has happened. Who would have thought?

All I have to say is four more days until the movie. Is it so bad that I keep watching his interviews over and over?

At least one of my friends gets it. (You know who you are girl!) ;)

I think I might re-do my top list again. I was at the bookstore this weekend and Cosmo had a list of the 25 hottest men. I guarantee we disagree. I didn't read it but pretty much I always disagree with those lists.

Of course, S2H always commands the top spot in my heart, but what's wrong with a little eye candy?

Oh - and if you're looking for a good song to download, go for "Tremble for my Beloved" from Collective Soul. It's FABULOUS.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I never thought this would happen...

My friends that know me, know I do not read. Period. I just cannot get into a book. Call it Adult ADD or whatever (which I swear I have) but I am just not the type of girl to grab a book and read. I'd rather pluck my eyebrows. So, when a friend lent Twilight to me, I was pretty much like "Yea - I'll read a chapter and be done".


10 days and more than 2000 pages later, I've read the series. I was hooked within the first five pages and couldn't stand to put it down. Every free moment pretty much involved my head stuck in one of the books. To the point where I think Scott was ready to set them on fire. I've DVRd the last two episodes of Dexter because I couldn't stand to put the book down.

Now the movie is coming out in 8 days. I already have a sitter, am ordering tickets on Friday and bought the soundtrack last night which I LOVE. I can't wait.

I can't wait to see Edward Cullen come to life!