Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ginger's Sexiest Men

I was going to post about seeing Twilight (which I loved and am going tomorrow to see again!) but I could not help myself. I HAVE to do the Sexiest Men post. (I usually do this once a year and it's funny to watch my tastes change) Since People Magazine released their selections, I thought it was time that I view mine...

Keep in mind that some of these guys are from Ginger's "back-in-the-day". LOL! Oh - and as a disclaimer my main man is still S2H - but in the spirit of Ross and Rachel's laminated list on Friends, here is mine. (I'm going with 10 instead of five)

1) Robert Pattinson - for the love of everything on this planet - he is to DIE for. The hair, the British accent, the jawline, the brooding facial expressions. Sign me up.

2) Nick Lachey - I have to give Nick props. He has to be #2 simply because he's a good guy.

3) Kellan Lutz - This is a new one for me. I loved him as Emmett Cullen but I got to researching him and HELLO!

4) Ashton Kutcher - I have always thought he was adorable and had a really good look. Still do. Watched the Guardian and OMG - he's the modern day Tom Cruise in Top Gun. If you've never seen the movie - go rent it. It's worth it just to see Ashton!

5) Kyle Chandler - I've had a thing for Kyle Chandler since he did Homefront back in 1992. He still has it.

6) Tyson Beckford - From his early days as a Polo model til now. Tyson is one fine looker! Plus, he has a sexy name.

7) Michael C Hall - I have not watched him in 6 Feet Under, but I do like him in Dexter. He has that "all american guy" look.

8) Josh Beckett - He's an athlete, he has pretty eyes and he reminds me of my husband. Of course, I've always had a thing for ball players.

9) Jon Knight - I still have a lot of 13 year old girl in me and Jon Knight comes with that territory. He's the "shy" one in the boy band. I was always into the shy ones.

10) Hal Morris - Once again, from back in the day. Yes - he has a mullet in the photo, but he was still tight. We're talking 1990 and I'm sure he's still as hot today. I went to so many Reds games back then and my family thought it was just because I was into baseball. Ha!

I have a few honorable mentions but I'll just leave them alone for now. I'd rather post another photo of Rob up here. Ha!

Do you have a top 10? I'd love to hear them.


angiesparkles said...

Jon would be on my 80's list and I've always had a small thing for Ashton Kutcher as well :)

barb said...

Smokin..... I love your list, right down to the sweet, and often forgotten, Hal Morris.

Demi Moore is one smart cougar.

laura said...


Kim said...

Great top 10 list! I totally have to agree with you on your #1 and Kyle Chandler. Homefront was one of my favorite shows. I was devastated when it was cancelled. Hal Morris? Yum..........

Jennifer Ford Berry said...


I didn't know you had such good taste in men! Ashton, Nick. Tyson and Kellan-Yum!!