Monday, December 01, 2008

I've been tagged by the amazing Laura Stoller

Ok - so Laura tagged me on her blog (did I mention that I'm a bridesmaid in her wedding next year???) and here goes:

The rules!

Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
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Seven Random Things About Me

1) Twilight is the only movie that I've seen more than once in a theatre. If I have my way, I will see it a few more times. Normally, I'm not big on movies in the theatre. Nothing really intrigues me that much. Apparently, Rob Pattinson has intrigued me that much.

2) I had a cat from the time I was 5 until I was 27. She lived for 22 years. I named her Opal after the woman on All My Children. I loved that cat.

3) I am missing eight of my adult teeth. My teeth are HUGE and there was not enough space in my mouth. They were cut out. Talk about painful...and Mr. Ed.

4) I was a total band geek and can play the clarinet. Still have it and sometimes get it out and play a few tunes. I think it's sort of a crisis that schools do not put an emphasis on band programs.

5) I went to the smallest high school in southwestern Ohio. My graduating class was 44 students and that was one of the largest classes in the history of the school. The class after me only had 28.

6) I love spam. I think it's good. My mom breads it and fries it and I think it's pretty darn tasty. With this economic crisis, I'm set because Spam doesn't scare me.

7) My feet are a size 10 and have been since the 5th grade. Fortunately I am 5' 9" (depending on who measures me) so I grew into them, but for a few years, it was pretty awkward being a kid with super huge feet. My daughter is on the same path. (Size 8 in the 3rd grade...)

There you go - my weird/random facts.

I'm tagging - anyone that reads my blog since I'm a horrible blogger and don't post as often as I should. Post a comment with a random fact! :)


laura said...

love those!! you are so fun!!!

fleckster said...

Spam? You love SPAM? Ewwwwww! LOL Fun stuff, Ginger!

A random fact about me: different foods cannot touch on my plate. No. Matter. What. If they touch, I simply cannot eat the food. Strange, but true. ;}