Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A new diet, a new office buddy...

Ok - so I've been watching my diet now for a little over a week and it's improving. I lost 7 pounds the first week but I was also sick for a day or two. Let's see how it goes this week. Weigh-in is Friday. Cross your fingers for me.

I also got a new office "mate" last week. Thanks to my good friend, Nichol (I love ya girl!), my cubicle is just a bit hotter this holiday.

He's 6'1" and definitely easy on the eyes. Although, he has scared a few of my co-workers as they've walked by and forgot that "he" hangs out in my office.

Of course, Nichol and I are still mourning the haircut.

Hopefully it grows out for New Moon!

In other news, I'll be off work for the next 12 days (WHOO HOO!) and hopefully S2H and I will get some stuff accomplished at home. Maggie is off of school and Addie is anxiously plotting her next move to tear something up at the house. I also got my first Etsy custom order and am pretty excited about that, so I'll be knitting this weekend! Plus, I am thinking about scrapbooking again. Some great layouts were up on 2Peas and they were VERY inspiring!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday and I'll probably post over the break!

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