Friday, February 23, 2007

The greatest moment in television...

Scott told me it's just a show. But, it's's so much more.

I watched the greatest moment in television ever for me. It outranked the first kiss Ross and Rachel shared at Cafe Perk. That (Ross and Rachel) was NOTHING compared to Izzy and Denny last night.

When my dad died almost 13 years ago I was young and wasn't real sure of faith, the world, etc. I didn't really put a lot into it because teenagers think they're invincible. They truly do. I did. But, then dad died. Reality smacked me in the face so hard that it left bruises. Not physical ones, but emotional ones.

I often would ask my mom "Mom - do you ever "feel" dad? Sometimes I feel like he's with me." And she would tell me that she did, get teary eyed and we'd change the subject. I asked her again this morning and we had a good cry. Almost as good as the one I had last night when I cried myself to sleep over Izzy and Denny. It was validation. Even though it's television it was validation through the writers. Someone - maybe Shonda - has felt the same way. I'm not alone. Mom's not alone. Dad feels us. He's there. I told her about the scene and we cried for a moment. That's what's great about my mom and I. We can share those things and that faith.

I didn't expect that scene. I really didn't. I thought it was over when Meredith came back. I thought that Izzy would be burning bridges with George and it would be over. But happened. That moment in the hallway where Izzy stands there and closes her eyes and the camera pans away and there's Denny. He's beside her. He feels her. She feels him. (Oh God - I need another Kleenex)

Sorry I don't have a photo. I looked everywhere for one. I guess it hasn't been posted, yet.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Have it your way...

No - this isn't an ode to the "King" (although the BK commercials crack me up ever since Big Buckin' Chicken), but rather something I got off of Barb's blog. It's all about having things YOUR way. Or, MY way in this case. It says to list 10 things you have to have your way. Scott would probably tell you my list is longer than 10, but here are the ones that are top of mind.

1) My pants have to be folded over on a plastic hanger. I CANNOT have them folded in a drawer.

2) My closet cannot have ANY wire hangers. I think Mommie Dearest really did it in for me. If a wire hanger finds its way into my house, I throw it away immediately. (However, I'm considering switching to wood hangers)

3) I cannot have a smudge on my glasses. They have to be spotless. I clean them constantly.

4) Gotta have Heinz ketchup. No other ketchup. Just Heinz.

5) I refuse to call embellishments "embellies". I know a lot of people use that term but I can't. It just goes right through me. I don't know why.

6) My pens have to be fine point. I prefer an RSVP by Pentel Fine Point Pen in black or blue ink, but I'll settle for a Bic 4 color pen in fine point. I like my pens fat and fine. (hey - kinda like me!)

7) I don't want any nuts in my chocolate or brownies. I want my food plain. No nuts. As for hamburgers, etc., I want those plain, too. I don't like mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, etc. on ANYTHING.

8) I always order my drinks without ice. It waters down sodas and I don't like cold drinks - I actually prefer them room temp.

9) I prefer drinking out of plastic as opposed to glass. If I'm at home, I always use the plastic cups. I also rinse out every cup before using it.

10) When I'm driving long distances, I won't use cruise control. My husband won't go anywhere without it. He thinks it's crazy that I don't use it but I don't like the idea of not having total "control" in the car. He's trying to get me to use it, but it's a long battle.

That's it - I'm neurotic. There are all of my "have it my way" things. Do you have anything that has to be your way?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Who wants a Clean House???

Ok - my latest obsession (other than Grey's, Nick Lachey and Sharon Laakkonen's truffles) is Clean House on Style Network. I personally think Niecy Nash is the best host on ANY home makeover show and Mark Brunetz has one of the coolest design styles I've ever seen. I love how he puts an entire room together. Since getting DVR, I've managed to record almost every episode and watch them whenever I have a spare moment. (Maggie always votes for Clean House at night when we're watching TV) Seriously - you have to check out Mark's style!

Anyway - I have a HUGE confession to make. My scraproom's a cluttered mess. I mean - a MESS. Scott will tell you it's a total mess. I have to WALK over things to get to the other room. It's definitely a candidate for Clean House but Niecy and crew won't come out Cincinnati, so I have to stage my own intervention. And, I made the first step this week. I was browsing through Memory Makers not too long ago and came across these new storage units by Croppin Companion and fell in love!

Guess what will hopefully be arriving at my house next week? That's right - these flippin' cool organizers. I've decided to keep myself true to the project. I am going to post on my blog and probably on RMH updates on how my room is progressing. I'm hoping that my regular blog readers might enjoy watching me transform this small space of my house. (I live in a TINY Cape Cod) Besides, I think these are the coolest looking organizers and they sort of have that West Elm feel. I'm actually EXCITED about reworking the room. I hope it turns out how I envision it - even though I really can't repaint the room, I'm hoping that it makes a HUGE difference and takes up less space.

Anyway - stay tuned to see how it turns out. It's a darn shame that it's the dead of winter here or I'd have one killer yard sale in the process!

(Oh - and for those of you that used to read my Grey's interpretations - one is coming soon. Can I just say that I about peed myself when I saw my hot, sexy bomb guy - AKA - Kyle Chandler. And - seeing Denny brought a tear to my eye. I miss him!)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I've been Tagged!

I love being tagged. I'm such a geek - I love little trivia type things on my blog. :) This one is from Stacey Panassidi from Junkitz. I just adore that girl! (By the way Stac - if you read this - I eat my Kit Kats the EXACT SAME WAY! Co-workers make fun of me for that!)

Anyway - I need to post six quirky things about me. Here goes:

1) I hate eggs. I won't let them even touch my plate or any utensils that I use. If Scott fries an egg in the house, I have to leave the room - or leave period. I can't stand the smell of cooked eggs. They make me gag. If he makes eggs and other breakfast items, he has to use different utensils for each or I freak out. Eggs are foul!

2) I have Ariel from The Little Mermaid tattooed on my back. When I was 21, I was a HUGE collector of memorabilia from the movie and had her tattooed on my lower back during spring break. My mom cried. I thought I was cool. Now - I threaten Maggie that if she ever gets a tattoo, she'll have me to deal with. Funny how things change. (By the way, I have three tats total. Sorry mom!)

3) I went to college on a full-ride scholoarship. It was actually a combination of various scholarships and one of them was from the American Federation of Riders. (i.e. Bikers) They were the most generous, sweetest group of people you'd ever meet. They paid towards four years of my tuition. I gave my acceptance speech in a bar. (I'm not kidding!)

4) Snack size Hershey Bars are my favorite candy on the planet. When I was a kid, I would trade everything else I owned at Halloween for those. Still do. Maggie knows when she trick or treats, the Hershey's are for me. Plain ones. No nuts. Has to be snack size. No other size is the same.

5) When you talk to me, you might pick up an accent, but if you hear me talk to my mom, you would think I lived in the holler down in Kentucky. Everyone tells me that when she calls, my voice completely changes and I revert back to my roots. I swear we have our own language.

6) I have driven more cars than years I've been driving. We used to like to trade in all the time. Here's my list of cars since turning 16: 1985 Chevy Celebrity Eurosport, 1988 Dodge Dakota, 1992 Dodge Dynasty, 1990 Chevy Cavalier, 1996 Pontiac Sunfire, 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix (what Scott drove when we met), 1998 Honda Civic (we owned TWO of these), 1999 Honda CR-V, 1999 Ford Ranger, 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan, 2001 Toyota Tundra, 2002 Toyota Camry, 2002 Mazda 626 (which we still have), 2003 Land Rover Discovery, 2005 Mazda Tribute (I still have this, too). (16 total)

I have more quirks, but I don't want you to think I'm a complete weird-o. Now I'm going to tag two of my good friends: Barb Hogan and Heather Preckel! Enjoy girls!

Monday, February 12, 2007

The flu sucks!

Well, sorry for being MIA, but I've had the flu the past week. Started with the stomach flu right after I returned from CHA. Actually, Maggie had it first and then I started in with it a little bit and then Scott got it full-blast. I thought that's what I had but then by Thursday I was running a 102 degree fever. It was full-blown flu with an ear infection on top of that. I ended up missing three days of work last week. Ugh... I'm usually on a post-show high wanting to get back in the swing of things and that really threw me off, so this week I'm playing catch-up.

I wanted to post a few pictures from this weekend. Figured I don't take enough. (Truthfully, I don't. I hate that!) Here's Maggie. She's growing so fast. Her adult teeth are coming in quickly. Both of her baby teeth on each side of her two front teeth are loose. I give it another week before they're gone. She's got teeth just like me. I told Scott we need to start saving for the orthodontist now. (Both of us had braces)

Here's Ms. Addie with pigtails. Her hair is SO long. I keep telling people that it's down to the middle of her back. She actually sat still long enough for me to put it into pigtails. How many 11 month olds do you know with hair like this?

Finally - I'm taking a big risk posting this but it's hilarious and very tongue-in-cheek. My cousin bought this onesie for Addie. You'd have to know this baby to understand. She's mean. She's a little devil. (She's precious, too, but oh so sneaky!) She likes to throw things and she gives Maggie a run for her money. Imagine this teeny tiny peanut (under 15 lbs) running around like a little spider, throwing things and being mean. That's Addie. And, she will look you in the eye and grin as she does it. Mean little stinker. So, my cousin bought her this onesie. It's hilarious! We were cracking up.

Oh- before I forget, check out the IP blog - fun contest going on there! You can enter and win a NICE prize! (Probably a UPS box that's at least 10 lbs!)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Well...I'm home

After 12 hours of traveling yesterday, I'm home and today I'm back in the office, hard at work. It's funny because my loan officer called this morning and she was like "You're in the office???" I got in at about 8:30 last night to close on my refinance and this morning I'm back at work. She couldn't believe it. I told her that I was dedicated. LOL! Truth is - I didn't want to use a comp day today and I have a lot to do.

I didn't get much sleep last night because Addie was sick. She threw up on me in the middle of Grey's Anatomy. (Thank GOD for DVR) Poor little peanut kept me up until 1:00 am. I felt so bad for her. Her little belly was a mess. Hopefully she's better today. this morning she seemed ok. Maggie was sick as well and today is her first day back to school in a few days. She had a cough but was a total trooper and took her cough medicine and antibiotic, so hopefully all will be restored soon at the Rohlfs household.

I tried to sum up my CHA experience...I really don't know any other way than this...

I feel so tired and just obliterated like Bill the Cat. The only thing that would make this more me would be if he were lying down with his eyes shut. Oh - and the scope. I feel like a target sometimes. This industry is SO big and there are SO many companies out there and everyone is giving their opinion and you pretty much feel like you have a target on your back. I read things on message boards and even though a lot of them are really wonderful and awesome, some of them sting. Hence, the target.

What's great about trade shows is that you get to see a lot of people that you know online or that you're friends with but only get to see rarely. It was great having Stacey and Teresa next to me (Junkitz) because whenever any of us would get a free second (which was RARE), we'd chat briefly with each other. Seeing most of the design team is awesome, too, because we had a fun dinner out (see the IP blog for details) and got a moment to bond together. Then - there are others that you see - people who are just all around amazing and fun! Wes Thomsen comes to mind for me there. If you don't know Wes, then you NEED to look him up. He's amazing! He is the man behind the movie "Scrapped" and he's my type of scrapper. He likes the art of the industry and what it stands for. He's totally hilarious! Seeing Wes is always a pleasure! Plus, he brought me some really cool t-shirts - one which I wore on Tuesday. Wes' style is definitely one that I can relate to.

That's all for the update for now. I need to check up on Addie, call Maggie's teacher and get some orders processed in the office. Hope everyone has a great weekend.