Monday, February 12, 2007

The flu sucks!

Well, sorry for being MIA, but I've had the flu the past week. Started with the stomach flu right after I returned from CHA. Actually, Maggie had it first and then I started in with it a little bit and then Scott got it full-blast. I thought that's what I had but then by Thursday I was running a 102 degree fever. It was full-blown flu with an ear infection on top of that. I ended up missing three days of work last week. Ugh... I'm usually on a post-show high wanting to get back in the swing of things and that really threw me off, so this week I'm playing catch-up.

I wanted to post a few pictures from this weekend. Figured I don't take enough. (Truthfully, I don't. I hate that!) Here's Maggie. She's growing so fast. Her adult teeth are coming in quickly. Both of her baby teeth on each side of her two front teeth are loose. I give it another week before they're gone. She's got teeth just like me. I told Scott we need to start saving for the orthodontist now. (Both of us had braces)

Here's Ms. Addie with pigtails. Her hair is SO long. I keep telling people that it's down to the middle of her back. She actually sat still long enough for me to put it into pigtails. How many 11 month olds do you know with hair like this?

Finally - I'm taking a big risk posting this but it's hilarious and very tongue-in-cheek. My cousin bought this onesie for Addie. You'd have to know this baby to understand. She's mean. She's a little devil. (She's precious, too, but oh so sneaky!) She likes to throw things and she gives Maggie a run for her money. Imagine this teeny tiny peanut (under 15 lbs) running around like a little spider, throwing things and being mean. That's Addie. And, she will look you in the eye and grin as she does it. Mean little stinker. So, my cousin bought her this onesie. It's hilarious! We were cracking up.

Oh- before I forget, check out the IP blog - fun contest going on there! You can enter and win a NICE prize! (Probably a UPS box that's at least 10 lbs!)


Emily Adams said...

I still can't get over the SERIOUS hair on your little peanut! Hugs to Maggie and to you too!!! Glad you're finally feeling better...

Angela said...

Addie is growing up so fast! I have been reading your blog since before you announced you were expecting her....

Babies grow to fast!

P.S. I tried to post on IP blog for the giveaway several times and couldn't get it to work for me. I don't know why because others were posting as I was trying to but I couldn't for some reason. Oh well, wouldn't have won anyway!

tina said...

I can't get over those pigtails! Too cute!
Glad to see you back with an update, and that you guys are feeling better : )