Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Can anything BE more precious?

Look at her long little toes! I can't wait until she comes home and I can do a photo shoot with her all squeaky clean and smelling like Baby Magic. (Don't you just LOVE that smell?)

On my pregnancy front, the doctor basically told me that I need to SLOW DOWN. I went for my 24 week appointment yesterday and I've been having more than your average number of Braxton Hicks contractions. I'm so worried about it but she told me to reduce as much stress as I can and avoid a lot of physical things. I'm taking her advice to heart. I want to have a healthy baby and I need to focus on that.

So here's to one precious baby girl and another to follow! :)


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm a Great Auntie!!!!

Here is me and my great niece - Ryan. She was born this morning at 2:43 and she's doing GREAT! I was there for everything and am just madly in love with her. She's an absolute sweetheart!

My niece was amazing. She had a 15 hour labor and delivered Ryan on the first push. I am SO proud of her!

I'll post more photos soon. :)

Saturday, November 26, 2005

I vowed I wouldn't do it...

There have been a lot of things that I swore I'd never do. Two of them have happened in the past two days: 1) I vowed I'd never spend the $$$ to buy Maggie an American Girl doll and 2) I said that I wouldn't do black Friday again. Boy did I lie!

Let's start with Thursday. There is a thread on 2Peas including a coupon code for 10% off of an AG doll. Couple that with the fact that the catalog arrived on WEDNESDAY (what timing on the part of the AG people) and the fact that my husband's snotty cousin mentioned that her daughter has TWO of them, and there you have it. Armed with my bank card, a code and a catalog that my daughter managed to dog-ear in less than 10 minutes, I broke. I crumbled. So, $90 later, here we have it:

I was going to order Marisol for her but went with the doll that looks like her. I figure she can name her what she wants and then I'll put her in a protective glass case surrounded by laser lights that will trigger an alarm should she attempt to play with her. Ok - maybe I won't be THAT bad about the doll but you can bet your sweet butt that we're going to have a talk about proper "doll playing". (I could show you photos of Cabbage Patch dolls covered in make-up, ink, etc.)

Secondly, I said I wouldn't do Black Friday. Seriously - it's a nutso idea. Why in the world would you get up at 5:00 am and go shopping when you can probably get a lot of the same deals later in the day? Who knows - but I did it. I planned to head out with my cousin, Lorrie and my husband was supposed to go but ate a bit too much on Turkey day and stayed home. Off Lorrie and I went at 5:30 to Target - one that I considered more "remote" but was crowded nonetheless. We waited until they opened the doors to even get out and go in. Believe it or not, the crowd wasn't that bad - except in the toy department. But, I managed to finagle my way through and scored some awesome stuff for Maggie - this really cool Barbie writing tablet that's electronic ($23), a bunch of family games, Bratz babies, more Barbie crap, etc. I also bought her a DVD player for her room, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and this really cool Fisher Price thing that has a camera and Kids Bop. They can sing with the wireless mic and watch themselves on TV. If you know my daughter, you'll know that Fisher Price created this toy JUST FOR HER. The kid is a total "entertainer", so I bought the kit and an extra cartridge. I figure she can entertain her baby sister when she gets older. LOL!

We're spending the day now getting ready for the holidays and fixing a leaky pipe under our sink. I just LOVE being a home owner - NOT!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Battle along the I-74 Corridor

Hear those Bengals growling...

Ok - so they growled but not loud enough. But, it was a good game. Nothing like 65,000 die hard football fans. (Ok - 64,999 - I'm not a die hard but I went with my hubby) Had a GREAT time! It's so hard when you're rooting for one team (the Bengals) and yet you absolutely LOVE the QB from the other (Peyton Manning) Alas, the Bengals lost, but they gave it their all.

The best part of the evening was probably Chad Johnson writing out a sign to his fellow agent-mate, T.O. (For the record, I think they should wire T.O.'s mouth shut) But, I had to laugh when Chad ran over to the sidelines after scoring a touchdown and wrote a sign "T.O. - I get you baby". (Or, something like that)

Of course, I'm sure this morning Chad has a different tune:

Chad - we get ya baby!

Then I was bummed because we had these EXCELLENT seats and I didn't bring my camera. This is the kind of shot that I missed!

Ok - maybe not EXACTLY like this but I could had had some great shots of Peyton, Chad, Carson, etc.

Finally, I'll have to post a photo of Maggie wearing her Bengals beanie hat. She thought she was "too cool for school" this morning when she got out of the car with it on. I'm sure she's trying to impress her man "Jacob". (She about died yesterday when we drove past his house and he was outside tossing a football with some other boys) I'm sure she'll have stories for me today!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Getting ready for Addie...

Well, after weeks of debate and numerous mini-arguments, Scott and I have finally agreed on a name for our little one: Addison Jane. :)

We're going to call her "Addie" which was my grandmother's name. My mom is actually the one saying that we don't have to name our children after family members, but my background is very southern, and in our tradition children are named after family members. So, we're sticking with it. I was hesitant at first but I've agreed on Addison and we've actually started calling her that. (Especially when she scoots all the way over to the right side of my belly and sticks out her butt!)

I also scored the cutest crib set on e-bay!

It arrived yesterday and I'm in LOVE! I can't wait until we get the room painted and her crib put up so that I can see what this looks like. We'll probably put the crib up closer to February but for now, I have her little set just waiting. Maggie thought it was really cool - she's so into being the big sister!

On a side note - going to the Bengals/Colts game on Sunday. Wish me luck - a pregnant woman trouncing through a crowd of 65,000. Who-freakin' Dey baby!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2005

I've been tagged!

Amazing - two blog posts in one day! :) I realized that I've been tagged by my good friend, Stacey, who owns Junkitz for a blog quiz. (Junkitz ROCKS by the way!) So, I figured I'd better fill this out before Stacey kicks my butt! LOL!

names you go by



2 parts of your heritage

1. Hillbilly (hey- that's what my mom says!)

2. English (maiden name was Hasty)

2 things that scare you

1. Spiders - EEK!

2. Death (it's so permanent)

2 of your everyday essentials

1. A little caffeine either in the form of chocolate or Mt. Dew (see - told you I was part hillbilly)

2. Noxema

2 things you are wearing right now

1. CKU Sweatshirt (it still fits me even though I'm 5 1/2 months pregnant)

2. My khaki pants from Motherhood that I paid an arm and a leg for.

2 of your favorite bands or musical artists (at the moment)

1. The Killers (LOVE me some Brandon Flowers!)

2. Green Day (Ok - so I have a thing for men with eyeliner!)

2 favorite songs (at the moment)

1. All these things I've done (Killers)

2. Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Green Day)

2 things you want in a relationship (other than real love)

1. Trust

2. Honesty

2 truths

1. I have ugly feet

2. I think that the Blue Collar Comedy Hour is HILARIOUS! (Back to the hillbilly thing)

2 physical things that appeal to you (in the opposite sex)

1. eyes

2. they have to be funny - ok - not physical but I have this strange attraction to Kevin James and I think it's because he's so darn funny!

2 of your favorite hobbies (besides scrapbooking??)

1. photography

2. sitting on my butt watching tv - especially 80's movies.

2 things you want really badly

1. to be a SAHM or a WAHM.

2. to have enough money that I don't have to worry about my family or how we're going to make ends meet.

2 places you want to go on vacation

1. Alaska

2. Hawaii - to visit my friend Rosemary.

2 things you want to do before you die

1. See my daughters get married

2. Spend a week on vacation alone with my husband

2 ways that you are stereotypically a dude/chick

1. I cry at sappy chick flicks. (The Notebook and Steel Magnolias are faves)

2. I hate to pump my own gas

2 things you are thinking about now

1. All of the baby gear I need to get

2. What colors are my third paper line going to be?

2 stores you shop at

1. Target

2. TJ Maxx

So, there's my answers to the blog quiz. :) I'm going to tag Heather Preckel and Barb Hogan for this one! Enjoy girls!!!

These are always so fun!!!

An Eventful Weekend

Ever have one of those weekends that is chocked full of events, but still seems pretty low-key? That was this weekend.

Friday night we had to take Zelda, our husky, to her new home. Ever since Maggie's reactive airway atack, four doctors have advised that we find new homes for our pets. Zelda was our biggest concern because she was 7 and we've had her since birth and it tore us up just thinking about it. Then - we met the family. They were wonderful people. They already had 1 Siberian and their grandmother was always home with the dogs when the family was at school or work. They had a beautiful house and a nice yard and they were so loving. Zelda took to them right away while we were there. I was amazed. It was as if she "knew" what needed to be done. I cried a little on the way home but I also felt good. We can come and see her whenever we want and I know that she's with good people. I can't wait to see her again!

Then, on Saturday we decided to break down and register for baby items. It's been over 5 years since we've had a baby in the house and my friends were talking about having a shower, so Scott and I decided to run up to Target and pick out a few items.

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE this store? We had been to Babies R Us but everything was so pricey. We went to Target and they had everything we needed and it was WAY more affordable. I tried not to scan too much but that little scanner gun is just a MAGNET for cute stuff! I think we did pretty well and I'm going to start saving now to buy some of the gear. It's nice because it's like a list that you can follow and cross things off as you get them. Plus, Scott's parents wanted a Christmas list from us and baby gear is what we needed. Maggie got to pick out a lot of the stuff - she loved the butterflies on the swing. I also LOVE having her be a part of everything going on with her sister. She told me this weekend that she's going to "pay so much attention to this baby - she's going to be spoiled". I hope that she remembers that once the crying bundle of joy is here! LOL!

Finally on Sunday my nephew moved out. It was time. He's 19 and needs some parental guidance. More than I can give him because I can't discipline him the way his mom or dad could. My house is sure quiet without Kris, Zelda and Lucy there. (We took Lucy to her new family on Thursday - a WONDERFUL young couple!) I didn't know what to do this morning because it was so quiet. Scott told me to wait a few months and that will all change. He's probably right!

Oh - and one final note - Scott got a written warning for speeding. I told him that I wouldn't let him live it down because we're always fighting in the car over how fast he drives. He got pulled over yesterday and given a lecture from the cop. I told him he had better be glad I wasn't in the car or I would have begged the office to give him a ticket to prove my point. HA! I think the cop proved it anyway. :)

Back to work. Monday sucks.


Monday, November 07, 2005

Got some photos...

Finally uploaded some of my photos from the past few weeks. I LOVE being digital - but sometimes I'm too lazy to upload/develop/print the photos. But, I had some time on Friday night and ran over to Costco to get things taken care of. LOVE that place!

Anyway, here's how my poor little pumpkin spent her Halloween...

I was so scared last Monday when they admitted her with the breathing problems. She had a reactive airway attack (similar to asthma) and missed Trick or Treating plus a few days of school. Everyone at Children's was so wonderful to her, though. They truly made it a better experience!

She's doing a LOT better now and is playing, running around, etc. We've had to make some changes in our family (the doctor recommended that we give our pets new homes). It's killing us to have to do it but we're doing what's best for Maggie, so that's what we've been doing this week.

On a more positive note - here's my friend Kate and I in NYC almost 2 weeks ago. I have ALWAYS wanted to see Times Square and thought it was fun but definitely busy!

Then, there is this photo of my niece and I. She's due with a baby girl on December 9th and I'm due with a baby girl on March 19th. Her first pregnancy - my 2nd, which is what I tell myself when I see how our bellies compare.

Finally, a photo of me with the love of my life. Gotta love those goofy "hold the camera out" shots. Poor Scott - puts up with my mood swings - he's a trooper. Sweetie - I know you read my blog- I love you! :) (Of course, ask me how I feel about him when I'm about 8 cm dialated and in labor transition)

Happy Monday everyone!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

It's a....

GIRL!!!! We are SO excited to announce that we're having a little girl! Maggie is so stoked to be having a little sister!

I have to be honest. This little one definitely had me baffled. I thought for sure that I was having a boy because this pregnancy was so different! But, it's a little girl and we couldn't be happier. We just prayed for a healthy baby!

On another note, sorry for no recent blog updates. We spent the first three days this week in the hospital with Maggie. She had an airway attack (sort of like an asthma attack) and we were there trying to get her oxygen saturation levels back up. She's doing well now and is back in school. (Kids are so resilient!) If you could, please keep her in your prayers that she gets better and that there are no more attacks!

By the way - we skipped the concert last week. Too cold and rainy! In exchange, I promised Maggie we'd take her to see Green Day. It's amazing the negotiating skills my 5 year old has!

In any event, she's happy and excited to be having a little sister. We don't have a definite name picked out although Maggie and I are both pushing for Mallory. :) (Scott - if you're reading this - take note sweetie - we want MALLORY!) Of course, all of my friends laugh because Maggie is like Maggie Seaver from Growing Pains and Mallory is like Mallory Keaton from Family Ties. NO - it's not intentional but funny nonetheless. :)