Monday, November 14, 2005

An Eventful Weekend

Ever have one of those weekends that is chocked full of events, but still seems pretty low-key? That was this weekend.

Friday night we had to take Zelda, our husky, to her new home. Ever since Maggie's reactive airway atack, four doctors have advised that we find new homes for our pets. Zelda was our biggest concern because she was 7 and we've had her since birth and it tore us up just thinking about it. Then - we met the family. They were wonderful people. They already had 1 Siberian and their grandmother was always home with the dogs when the family was at school or work. They had a beautiful house and a nice yard and they were so loving. Zelda took to them right away while we were there. I was amazed. It was as if she "knew" what needed to be done. I cried a little on the way home but I also felt good. We can come and see her whenever we want and I know that she's with good people. I can't wait to see her again!

Then, on Saturday we decided to break down and register for baby items. It's been over 5 years since we've had a baby in the house and my friends were talking about having a shower, so Scott and I decided to run up to Target and pick out a few items.

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE this store? We had been to Babies R Us but everything was so pricey. We went to Target and they had everything we needed and it was WAY more affordable. I tried not to scan too much but that little scanner gun is just a MAGNET for cute stuff! I think we did pretty well and I'm going to start saving now to buy some of the gear. It's nice because it's like a list that you can follow and cross things off as you get them. Plus, Scott's parents wanted a Christmas list from us and baby gear is what we needed. Maggie got to pick out a lot of the stuff - she loved the butterflies on the swing. I also LOVE having her be a part of everything going on with her sister. She told me this weekend that she's going to "pay so much attention to this baby - she's going to be spoiled". I hope that she remembers that once the crying bundle of joy is here! LOL!

Finally on Sunday my nephew moved out. It was time. He's 19 and needs some parental guidance. More than I can give him because I can't discipline him the way his mom or dad could. My house is sure quiet without Kris, Zelda and Lucy there. (We took Lucy to her new family on Thursday - a WONDERFUL young couple!) I didn't know what to do this morning because it was so quiet. Scott told me to wait a few months and that will all change. He's probably right!

Oh - and one final note - Scott got a written warning for speeding. I told him that I wouldn't let him live it down because we're always fighting in the car over how fast he drives. He got pulled over yesterday and given a lecture from the cop. I told him he had better be glad I wasn't in the car or I would have begged the office to give him a ticket to prove my point. HA! I think the cop proved it anyway. :)

Back to work. Monday sucks.


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totally me said...

SORRY about the dogs, its hard to part with your babies. Love the part about the ticket. when my hubby gets one I make him pay it and I don't talk to him for at least 10 minutes...