Monday, October 22, 2007

WHY women should love the UFC!

So, I spent my Saturday night at UFC 77: Hostile Territory with my amazing husband and a few friends. (All guys of course) As I was sitting there (anyone that knows me knows I am always willing to throw down - hence my love of fighting) I was thinking - "Why aren't more girls into this sport? It has EVERYTHING a girl could want. Hot men, hot men only wearing shorts and hot men wearing shorts and sweating while beating the crap out of each other." Seems like a no-brainer to me. So, I decided in an effort to share with you - my girls - WHY you should like the UFC, I have come up with the FIVE HOTTEST MEN OF THE UFC. (This is my my opinion and in no way endorsed by Dana White or anyone else other than myself)

1) Andrei Arlovski - born in Belarus, I could just imagine sweet Russian nothings coming from this guy.

2) Matt Hammill - He's a Cincinnati boy. (You know how I love my Cincy boys!) He's also hearing impaired which makes him even more remarkable. He's an Olympic wrestler and he wrestled Scott's best friend in high school. He's also not too bad to look at but his personality makes him even cuter.

He's the one on the right in the second photo.

3) Rich Franklin - Another Cincinnati boy. Just an all-around good guy. Supports the troops and looks nice while doing it.

4) Tito Ortiz - He's the Huntington Beach Bad Boy and there is a reason. Tito is tight. The only problem is that he dates Jenna Jameson which basically means I would never touch him with a 10 foot pole, but he's still nice on the eyes.

5) Chuck Liddell and Matt Hughes - I had to put two guys in here because I realized after saying "Five" that I probably have more. It's a toss-up between these two. Chuck is mellow and has piercing blue eyes. Matt is a country-boy. With a nice body. Hmmm...which one do we pick?

(Chuck is the first photo and the next two are Matt Hughes)

There is a guy who's job is to "pat down" the fighters before the enter the octagon. He checks to make sure they're not "greased" (they would slip in submissions) and he pats down their shorts to make sure they 1) have on a cup and 2) no weapons. Once again - why can't a GIRL have that job. I'll apply for it.

Anyway - hopefully you get a little amusement out of this and understand WHY I totally love the UFC. Seriously - these guys are pretty hot!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Just a busy girl

Sorry again for being a bad blogger. I've just been a busy girl. Between work, shuffling Maggie to her activities, Scott with TKD, remodeling two bathrooms, etc., it's been crazy.

On a good note, I did go to a great benefit crop last week and got to spend some time with good friends. I've missed my scrapbooking girls. It was SO nice to be around them again - even if a few were missing. (That's right Tina K - I'm talking about YOU!)

Yesterday, Laura met me for lunch. It was like old times. So much fun! I missed her. We laughed and talked and shopped and laughed some more. Good times I tell ya - good times!

One of the neat things that's going on is that Maggie now has a "big sister". There is a very nice catholic school in our neighborhood and some of the seniors have signed up to have "little sisters" from Maggie's school. The parents basically had to fill out a form for their daughter to participate. One Saturday each month, the big sister takes out the little sister for some fun and it's all sponsored by their school. Last night Maggie got a call from her big sister and she was in HEAVEN. She talked to her for an hour and I swear - she's going to be a teenager faster than I know. I cleaned her room and listened to her talk to her "sister" and it was so cute. They were asking each other their favorite music, color, tv show, movie, etc. So cute! Her big sister watches Grey's Anatomy - Maggie was like "Oh - that's my mom's FAVORITE show" and she's doing these little hand gestures. I was cracking up. I think this is going to be a good thing. Her "sister" lives relatively close to Maggie's TKD school and she's STILL a girl scout. I was pretty impressed with that. She seems like a good kid - I'm really hoping this turns out to be a positive thing - both for her and for Maggie.

That's about all. Scott and I are going to see the UFC tomorrow night. That's right - I love the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Blood and all. It's a BLAST! I'm the only girl going with four guys - all the ladies will be jealous. LOL!

Hope everyone has a good weekend and I'll try to be better about updating. :)

Friday, October 05, 2007

Sorry for the lack of blog posts...

I'm sorry for being a bad blogger. I just haven't had much to say this week. It's been a somewhat stressful week which yielded in my gaining 1.8 lbs, which I actually took with a grain of salt. I deserved it. I didn't make the best food choices this week, but I'm working back on plan now and plan to lose that 1.8 PLUS some next week. It's like I am at a plateau, and that I'm hovering. I just need the swift kick in the ass to get back on track.

I did get to scrapbook last weekend but since my scanner is not working, I have to photograph my layouts. I'm also looking forward to scrapbooking next weekend and this weekend my good friend, Karin, and I are going to be reworking and reorganizing my scrapbook space. She loves to organize and we don't get to see each other very often now that we don't work together, so it should be a good time.

In the interim, I thought I'd post a page with my stinker on it. I did this a few weeks ago at the retreat with my friends. (Which, I will get to go to again soon! Can't Wait!!!!)

All is good at the Rohlfs household. We're getting ready to start the big adventure of bathroom remodeling. Wish us luck. We're scared.