Friday, October 19, 2007

Just a busy girl

Sorry again for being a bad blogger. I've just been a busy girl. Between work, shuffling Maggie to her activities, Scott with TKD, remodeling two bathrooms, etc., it's been crazy.

On a good note, I did go to a great benefit crop last week and got to spend some time with good friends. I've missed my scrapbooking girls. It was SO nice to be around them again - even if a few were missing. (That's right Tina K - I'm talking about YOU!)

Yesterday, Laura met me for lunch. It was like old times. So much fun! I missed her. We laughed and talked and shopped and laughed some more. Good times I tell ya - good times!

One of the neat things that's going on is that Maggie now has a "big sister". There is a very nice catholic school in our neighborhood and some of the seniors have signed up to have "little sisters" from Maggie's school. The parents basically had to fill out a form for their daughter to participate. One Saturday each month, the big sister takes out the little sister for some fun and it's all sponsored by their school. Last night Maggie got a call from her big sister and she was in HEAVEN. She talked to her for an hour and I swear - she's going to be a teenager faster than I know. I cleaned her room and listened to her talk to her "sister" and it was so cute. They were asking each other their favorite music, color, tv show, movie, etc. So cute! Her big sister watches Grey's Anatomy - Maggie was like "Oh - that's my mom's FAVORITE show" and she's doing these little hand gestures. I was cracking up. I think this is going to be a good thing. Her "sister" lives relatively close to Maggie's TKD school and she's STILL a girl scout. I was pretty impressed with that. She seems like a good kid - I'm really hoping this turns out to be a positive thing - both for her and for Maggie.

That's about all. Scott and I are going to see the UFC tomorrow night. That's right - I love the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Blood and all. It's a BLAST! I'm the only girl going with four guys - all the ladies will be jealous. LOL!

Hope everyone has a good weekend and I'll try to be better about updating. :)


Alicia said...

I wanna go! I don't an episode of the Hughes/Serra show! Have a blast! And good to see you scrapping again!

Tina said...

Alright, alright...I wasn't there, and totally missed seeing you guys!!!!! : (
Such a cute story about Maggie and her "Big Sister"...That is so very cool.
Who Dey Baby- We're going to the game today. Gotta go!

Kimberly Brock said...

I wish I could've gone to the crop but that was Russ' Birthday! That's so coll that Maggie has a "Big Sister" sounds like a great program! May have to check and see if the have that with Karly's school! I'd love to get together soon! Really- I mean it :)