Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm Baaack and turning 32 today... Blah!

I am SO SO sorry for not updating my blog as much as I used to. Or, as much as I should. I've been swamped and we were on vacation the past week and a half, so I didn't have time to get on. My apologies completely. I am thankful for those of you that have stood by me and still read my blog. Thank you - big hugs. I promise to start being better. I know - I've said it before but this time I mean it. I have a lot to say and I need to do it more frequently.

On a side note, today I turn 32. Not really sure how I feel about that. On one hand, I'm thankful to God that I get to see 32. On the other, WHERE is the time going? It was like yesterday I was 18. You know? Now, I'm in my 30's? Usually I do a "things about me" post whenever it's my birthday to correlate with how old I am. I'm not going to do 32 things today because I have other things to talk about.

We had a nice vacation - went to Orlando which I will NEVER do again. It's HOT down there. Much hotter than on the coast which is where we normally go and I'm like an old cat - I do not like to be hot or wet. So, amusement parks don't really amuse me too much because 1) It's hot 2) You sweat which means you're gross and 3) Water rides = wet = grumpy Ginger. Plus, I have realized that 2 year olds do not need to go to an amusement park.

Here are some photos for your viewing entertainment. Maggie got her face painting (which is SO overpriced!)

I also got a new baby the night before vacation. I traded in my original digital rebel and my vintage film rebel G2 for a new Rebel XSi. Oh yes...come home to mama. I love my new camera. It's pretty yummy. Has LIVE VIEW. That was AWESOME because on a lot of the rides, you're not allowed to take photos, but with live view and the flash off - they don't know. :) (Especially because they don't expect SLRs to have it!) New toy for me!!!!

When I brought it home, I took a pic of the puppies. Had to take one of my babies! (other than my other babies, which I'm always snapping photos of) Here's the pooches - aren't they so cute?!?

Penny has really warmed up and is a part of the family, now. I even bought them little t-shirts at Universal. I'll be sure to post a pic of them in the shirts soon!

That's about it. Gearing up for CHA. That should be fun because I get to be with Jane and Laura! Plus, see all of my friends and see what's new. Although - I might be spending more time in the knitting booths because I have definitely caught the knitting bug. I'm starting on a blanket for my nephew's baby (I'm going to be a great aunt again!) and some stuff for the girls.

Have a good one!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Sorry - I've been swamped!

Really, there is no excuse for me neglecting my blog the way I have been. I guess I have just been really swamped at home and of course I was out of town this weekend at a trade show. We're also gearing up to get ready to go on vacation to Universal and Orlando. We leave Friday! :)

Lots of things have been going on. Last week, we saw the Cincinnati Cyclones win the Kelly Cup. If you're looking for pics, Barb has them on her blog. I didn't bring my camera because frankly - it sucks right now. The battery will not hold charge and I refuse to buy another one right now. I'm all about "saving" money.

I'm also obsessed with making money online. So far - since the end of April, I've made about $350 in various online efforts. Not too shabby, huh? I'm pretty happy with the results. I've referred quite a few people to it - so let me know how you're doing. I just got a check in the mail on Friday for $85 and I'm waiting for a Visa gift card right now. I've been researching most of these sites and it's all good. I'm hoping to pay off some debt with the extra cash!

I've also tinkered with the notion of quitting scrapbooking altogether. I know - what am I thinking, right? But, it just does not appeal to me whatsoever right now. I am definitely enjoying the side of the business where I am moreso than the actual hobby at this point. Maybe it's a funk and I'll snap out of it.

Sorry for the drab post. I'll try to upload some photos. Scott got his blackbelt on Friday which was great to see. He's so proud of it. I'm so proud of him! Maggie had cheer camp. This is definitely a new area for me. I'm not used to being the mom of a cheerleader. LOL!

I'll post again soon - I promise!