Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Have it your way...

No - this isn't an ode to the "King" (although the BK commercials crack me up ever since Big Buckin' Chicken), but rather something I got off of Barb's blog. It's all about having things YOUR way. Or, MY way in this case. It says to list 10 things you have to have your way. Scott would probably tell you my list is longer than 10, but here are the ones that are top of mind.

1) My pants have to be folded over on a plastic hanger. I CANNOT have them folded in a drawer.

2) My closet cannot have ANY wire hangers. I think Mommie Dearest really did it in for me. If a wire hanger finds its way into my house, I throw it away immediately. (However, I'm considering switching to wood hangers)

3) I cannot have a smudge on my glasses. They have to be spotless. I clean them constantly.

4) Gotta have Heinz ketchup. No other ketchup. Just Heinz.

5) I refuse to call embellishments "embellies". I know a lot of people use that term but I can't. It just goes right through me. I don't know why.

6) My pens have to be fine point. I prefer an RSVP by Pentel Fine Point Pen in black or blue ink, but I'll settle for a Bic 4 color pen in fine point. I like my pens fat and fine. (hey - kinda like me!)

7) I don't want any nuts in my chocolate or brownies. I want my food plain. No nuts. As for hamburgers, etc., I want those plain, too. I don't like mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, etc. on ANYTHING.

8) I always order my drinks without ice. It waters down sodas and I don't like cold drinks - I actually prefer them room temp.

9) I prefer drinking out of plastic as opposed to glass. If I'm at home, I always use the plastic cups. I also rinse out every cup before using it.

10) When I'm driving long distances, I won't use cruise control. My husband won't go anywhere without it. He thinks it's crazy that I don't use it but I don't like the idea of not having total "control" in the car. He's trying to get me to use it, but it's a long battle.

That's it - I'm neurotic. There are all of my "have it my way" things. Do you have anything that has to be your way?


Sarah Joy said...

Fun! Here's one...
I can not go to bed with a messy kitchen. No matter how tired I am it has to be clean. If I wake up to a messy kitchen, even clutter on the counters it ruins my whole day! The rest of my house can be a wreck, but if my kitchen is clean I feel happy. Weird I know.

Angie said...

I'm with you on embellies, along with a bunch of other words people do that to. ;)

Extra ice for me. :D

Jamie said...

lol too funny although Im with you on more that one of those

Jodi said...

You'd do fine living in Mexico City. No ice there all drinks are served room temp. And sometimes when you order a fountain beverage, they give it to you in a plastic bag with a straw. I'm with you on the fine point I like Zebra or a Pilot G-2 any color.

Jennafer from Paper Crafts said...

I also prefer my brownies and such without nuts, but hamburgers must be loaded.

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has issues with wire hangers ever since "Mommie Dearest!"

And "embellies"? Who says that? I've never heard it and it sounds weird to me. I am ANTI "embellies".

Cally said...

I agree on 'no more wire hangers'...everytime I see one or my cousin does we have to say it and then toss it in the trash. I have to have my cabinets organized a certain way. I love it when the hubby helps to clean or put away, but he just haphazardly puts stuff away. He also folds towels funny. It's a secret that I go behind him, refold the towels and clean the cabinets. If he notices he never says anything.

Vicki/RMH said...

Zowee, we must have been connected at the hip in a previous life! I am so with you on most of what you said. Numbers 1,2,3,5,7,8,9,and 10 are so me!! I am not kidding. My DH always teases me about these things too. Its nice to know that there is someone else out there that feels the same way!

Sassy Marie said...
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Sassy Marie said...

OOPS...messed that last comment up! :)

Just wanted to let you know that I was inspired by your post and created my own list: http://sassymarie.blogspot.com/2007/02/my-way.html

Thanks for the blogging inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I guess we all have our "little things", don't we? Thanks for the inspiration...like Sassy Marie, I'm going to post my own list on my blog except it will be confined to my scrapbooking "issues". Funny list, thanks for sharing ;)