Monday, November 17, 2008

Move Over Nick...

I'm sorry sweetie, you've been replaced...

With a hot, 22-year-old. I'm sorry, but his brooding just gets me. Plus, he plays only the most perfect fictional character ever. His hair - in all of its messy glory - pretty much pushed me over the edge.

My friends are cracking up because they never thought Nick would be booted off of the top slot in my celebrity list. has happened. Who would have thought?

All I have to say is four more days until the movie. Is it so bad that I keep watching his interviews over and over?

At least one of my friends gets it. (You know who you are girl!) ;)

I think I might re-do my top list again. I was at the bookstore this weekend and Cosmo had a list of the 25 hottest men. I guarantee we disagree. I didn't read it but pretty much I always disagree with those lists.

Of course, S2H always commands the top spot in my heart, but what's wrong with a little eye candy?

Oh - and if you're looking for a good song to download, go for "Tremble for my Beloved" from Collective Soul. It's FABULOUS.

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Chrys said...

I'm shocked!!!!!!!!!! :) My bff is in "lust" with him, I don't see it...but we're seeing the movie on Friday together, so maybe he'll win me over as a true Edward. we'll see.... Team Edward!!! :)