Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Maggie has a crush!

It's so funny! She's been talking about this boy in class named "Jacob S." and she blushes every time I ask about him. She's been in Kindergarten all of 1 month and already has a crush. Anyway, today I got to meet "Jacob S." We were standing in line waiting for her to go into the classroom and this boy rushes by and he has a cast. (Maggie mentioned that he had broke his arm) He hollers "HI MAGGIE!!!" as he goes by and I can see Maggie turn about 10 shades of red. I bent down and asked her who it was. (I KNEW - Mom's know these sorts of things!) She whispers "Jacob S." and looks away from me. LOL! I was like "Oh...he's cute" and let her go.

I remember my own Jacob S. Although, he was Jason, but the older I got, the more I realized "ICK". LOL! This boy was cute, though. The type of kid that's going to be popular. He had spikey blonde hair and was very friendly. I'd say she's done well for her first school crush. :)


Anonymous said...

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Angela said...

LOL!! How cute!!!

Joanna Bolick said...


Brett's Babe said...

We know you Rohlfs girls have an eye for the hot men ;-)

Mackey said...

Glad to see you blogging again - always miss you when you're not. LOL!

Too cute about her first crush! Mine was Eddie, do they even make boys named Eddie any more!?!

Anonymous said...

I love those little kindergarten crushes....so cute!! I remember my first crush- he had red hair. Sadly, that is all I remember about him though. Although, I did say that I wanted to marry him. Right then. At the age of 5. That was in kindergarten. Must not have been too hot though or I would have at least remembered his name..... : )
Great story Ging-Mag's is too cute!!

Heather said...

OH too cute! Kiersten had one last year...of course if I ask her about it now she denies it...LOL! But he was such a nice kid and it made me proud to see she picked a good one! Now they are just good friends and it is so fun to watch! ;)

Donna Walk said...

How cute!! :D

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Kim P. said...

What is it about Kindergarten girls!

My daughter, Alexandra came home from kindergarten last week and announced that "Elizabeth is not my friend anymore because I want to marry Nicholas B. but Elizabeth told me that she is going to ..."

I thought that I would at least have a few more years before dealing with boys!

Love the new stuff!