Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ever feel uninspired?

I sort of do right now. Don't know what the funk is all about but it's like I'm absolutely inspired to do NOTHING. Absolutely zilch. Normally I'm on a creative high and designing and doing all sorts of things but right now it's like there is this huge wall and I can't even see over it. Have no idea what that's about - I'm just hoping the fog lifts soon.

I also hate posting blog entries without any photos. So, I'll post this one:

Did anyone watch Grey's Anatomy last week. (Who am I kidding? Half of America watches that show!) Anyway, the scene where Addison delivered the stillborn baby did me in. I cried. Sobbed. Sobbed for a while. Sobbed to the point that Scott was yelling at me and telling me it was a show. But to me it wasn't. At that moment it wasn't a show. It was something as real as it gets. I remember thinking about when I was pregnant with Maggie and we were doing the nursery and his parents came over to help paint the walls. They had lost their first baby - Brian - during birth. He was stillborn. I remember their hesitation in helping us prep the nursery. It wasn't hesitation in the sense that they didn't want to help us. It was more that I think they were having flashbacks about their own loss and how he had to come home and take all of the nursery stuff down. It hit me. Right then the pain that the couple in the show was having hit me. I cried for the couple there and I cried for them. I cried because God let me have a healthy baby. The next morning I was still in tears. That's me - emotional. If you know me - you know that I cry a lot.

Ok - since I don't want to have a completely depressing blog post, I thought I'd update a bit about the girls. Maggie had her belt testing on Saturday (she and Scott both tested this weekend) and I have photos but forgot my flash card so I don't have anything to upload right now. She will be a senior green belt this Saturday and Scott will be getting his green belt. We have Maggie's conference on Thursday and her last report card said she's reading above grade level so I'm happy about that.

Addie learned some new tricks. I need to videotape it for the blog but we have a vintage janky-ass video camera, so I'll just have to describe it for you. My brother sings "la la, la la" to her and she bobs her head back and forth to sing to the music. She's also saying "la la" in rhythm with it. Plus in honor of the Florida Gators this week, Scott taught her the Gator chomp. You clap your hands together up and down like a gator a few times and then go "your turn" and she'll do it right back to you. It's HILARIOUS. We were at our little local hang-out with the girls and my cousin last night showing the people who work there Addie's tricks. They were cracking up at her Gator chomp. Imagine this itty bitty little baby doing the Gator chomp. It's a riot!

I suppose that's enough blabbering for a Tuesday but at least I updated the blog!

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DeeDee B. said...

Thanks for posting that girl. Especially the stillbirth issue. Too many women and families are afraid to talk about it. I can relate to your experience. I often wonder what my child would have been like. You may want to watch this to bring you more comfort and healing. It's beautiful, but have tissues. Very powerful.

"I Spoke With My Child"