Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Why are people A$$holes???

Ok - so I'm at home today for the 2nd time this week because I have terrible vertigo, nausea and headaches. Why? Well, because I was slammed into last week. Granted, accidents happen. I get that. Everyone and anyone can have them. Here is what pisses me off - the circumstances. The guy that hit me was an illegal alien from Mexico. He spoke NO English (or claimed he didn't), was driving without a license or insurance, had a carload of people with him and basically I'm the one stuck with a lot of the bills.

Fortunately, my insurance is covering almost everything except the $500 deductible, which I cannot get back because this guy has no insurance, he basically moves from place to place (according to the cops), has no bank account and they cannot confirm his official ID because he gave them multiple names that he goes by. His car was registered to another illegal - apparently in America you can register a car without a license or insurance.

This all went down last week, and then yesterday I get a subpoena to show up to court to testify against him. That is - IF HE SHOWS. Of course, if he shows, I might try to get my $500 and I might be taking out of his ass. (Well, I want to, but unlike a lot of other people, I OBEY THE LAW) The court date is at 9:00 am while I'm normally at work, so I'll be missing more work because of this jerk. (Who was speeding when he slammed into me - I was stopped in traffic and he rear-ended me) I have to say, the cop did arrest him and tried to do what he could, but the issue lies with our own laws and government. I think we need tougher laws on illegals, and we need to address uninsured motorists. Thank GOD I had uninsured motorist coverage, but really - there needs to be harsher penalties for this crap.

Oh- and to compound this - Scott went outside today and our OTHER car has been hit - on the passenger side door and we're not sure when that would have happened but obviously they knew they hit it (white paint on my car) and they didn't bother to leave a note or try to contact us. Once again - Assholes. I hope they get theirs.

Sorry for the vent but can you tell I'm fed up?


Trish said...

Oh, honey! I am so sorry to read all of this crap happening to you...and I hope you get it all worked out. Keep us posted. You need to catch a break girlie!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that. The exact same thing happened to my brother-in-law last fall in San Diego. The cops didn't arrest the guy, so my brother in law is stuck with needing to have knee surgery and finding a new car as his brand new jeep was totaled. This happens way to often. I hope it all works out for you.

Barb said...

You go girl! I agree with you 100%.

Oh, and my car got hit in the parking lot while I was at work too and that asshole didn't bother to leave a note either. What is WRONG with people?

Tina said...

G- You already know how I feel about this topic. I won't write about it here because it could be too contraversial. But, I will say this, build a big ass wall, and don't let them in. 'Nuff said.
Love ya girl-

Janna said...

Dang...that sucks, girl! I hope you get to feeling better. I know what you mean about people who don't obey the law...that just really ticks me off.

Carla said...

That sucks!

Sorry you had to deal with that, and the aftereffects too. My hubby often suffers from vertigo, and it's lousy. Let us know how court goes.

Ally said...

Oh yeah, I am with you! Living in a border state (and having also been hit by an uninsured, illegally present member of the community) I totally know where you are coming from.

Anyway - wanted to stop by and say hello and let you know that I missed seeing everyone at CHA this year - would have been fun to do a brief catch-up. Hope your next month is better than this!

Heather Marie said...

Hi Ginger. Sorry to hear about your accidents! I wish people would be more considerate. Have a great weekend!

Oh, almost've been tagged! Hope you don't mind. Post on your blog 7 random things about you and then tag 7 other people. :)

jen said...

First before I forget... some insurances, at least all the ones that we have had... waive your deductible if you get hit in a parking lot and you aren't there. It has happened to Denny three times if you can believe that and we were 100% covered each time. So I'd check on that for car number 2.

Now to the meat of your crappy circumstances... well, hopefully sooner or later he gets his. Either via a swift kick delivered by your foot, or a really tight pair of handcuffs.

How do people like that get a license?

I hope things look up for you soon!!!!