Sunday, March 09, 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged on a few blogs, so I'm finally getting around to posting my 7 random things. The deal is, you post 7 random things about yourself and then tag a few more of your blog buddies. :)

Here are mine:

1) I hate mayonnaise and eggs. HATE them. They gross me out. If either/or is on a plate with my food, I won't eat it. There's no scraping it off. It cannot TOUCH it whatsoever. I freak. FREAK.

2) I'm missing 8 of my adult teeth. My mouth was too small for the size of my teeth. (mom's jaw, dad's teeth) So, I had 8 of them cut out - four before braces and four after so that it wouldn't shift the work they had already done.

3) I had REALLY easy labors with both of my girls. Six and eight hours respectively. I was induced both times and the girls are both born on the 17th - Maggie in July and Addie in March.

4) I wear a size 10 shoe. Have worn that size since I was in the 5th grade. Maggie is well on her way to the same thing. She already wears a women's 6.

5) I live a mile from where I grew up. So much for being adventurous and moving far away from home.

6) I went to a private, Catholic college on a full-ride scholarship. I thank God for my alma mater every day. (I was one of the rare "public school" kids)

7) Betty White and the guy that played Enis on The Dukes of Hazzard and John Michael Montgomery are distant cousins. They're all on the Hasty side.

There are my random facts. Hope you learned something new about me. At least, something that will not incriminate me in a court of law or cause me to never be able to be elected for President.

Now to tag some friends - since most of my friends already tagged me, I might be double-tagging you. Here goes: Heather, Teresa, Janna, Barb, Laura, Angie, Trisha, Jen and Josie.

Oh - and for those of you wondering how our pup is doing, here he is from last week.


Barb said...

I just did that one last week on my blog, so I'm going to pass this time!

Loved your seven factoids :-) Great photo!

jen said...

ok that is the cutest freakin' dog i've seen! :P

Anonymous said...

love that little doggie.. he has the cutest face, and how about all those wrinkles?? love him!!
hope you guys are enjoying him.: )

Anonymous said...

that's probably the cutest picture of a dog in the entire world!!