Tuesday, March 14, 2006

There are two channels

that no pregnant woman should watch: TLC and Discovery Health. I'm not kidding. I'm absolutely addicted to TLC's "A Baby Story" and Discovery's "Birth Day". (By the way, Birth Day Live is on tonight)

But, here's the kicker. Even though I have a light at the end of my tunnel, it's still not here and watching these shows makes me cry everytime. I'm at the emotional phase of my pregnancy. Everything makes me cry. Doesn't matter what it is. I cry because I'm scared about Friday. I cry because I'm excited about it. I cry because the Smith family had their third child on the show and she had a water birth without drugs and made it look so easy. I cry because the other girl took an epidural and I watched them put it in and now I have epidural phobia again. I cry because I'm worried that my cervix is going to stay shut and I'll end up with a c-section. Cry, Cry, Cry. I think Johnny Cash wrote a song about that!

Yes - I'm a big mess ball and need to be banned from TLC and Discovery. Good thing I can't get the channels while at work.

Of course, I can still cry. Went to lunch today. Saw an old man. God love him - he was obviously having a hard time getting around and what do I do. Sit there and eat my lunch and cry because I wanted to take him home and help him. Right now I'm listening to my itunes - and you guessed it. Having a good cry. I think the hormones have started early. Been trying to put this off but I think I'm just exhausted and emotional.

For the love of everything, someone help me turn off the waterworks...


Scotty 2 Hottie said...

Um, just stay at work if you can't turn the waterworks off. Just joking.

Lynne said...

sounds like a job for buggy mcannoy!

Barb said...

Awwww, love ya Sweetie! Next week, the tears will be over and the cussing will begin! That's progress.

Big hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

this might bring a smile to your face: I just discovered that Grey's Anatomy has a blog!!! Maybe you already knew, but it's awesome for those of us who need a fix between Sundays :)

Kelley in Xenia

Anonymous said...

meant to tell you it's www.greyswriters.com

Kelley in Xenia

tina said...

aaawww gingy- like barb said, we love ya sweetie. you have a ton going on right now. don't be scared though. you're going to be in good hands on fri, it will all be okay. can i bring ya a hershey candy bar to make you happy? all that good chocolate??
big hugs my friend,

Sheri said...

awww ginger.

Wanda E. Santiago said...

Hey beautiful sending you some love and thinking of you. I remeber those hormones so much fun. You take care and remember we love ya!Hey sitting next to you at CHA dinner was the highlight of that day for me. Hugs Wanda

totally me said...

remember..done in my best Dory voice

Epi's are our friend, not pain....that make's no sense what-so ever, but and epi can help you relax which helps all your muscles relax and that should help everything that you want to open up , open up!

you are getting close now. I remember that I spent the last couple days of both my pregnancies crying. I cried because the mailman brought me mail. I cried when he didn't. I cried during every commercial, and cried when we ran out milk. and getting a phone really sent me over the edge. the best one tho was I cried because I was missing a physics final. who in the world crys because they are missing a test????