Sunday, March 12, 2006

9 months ago...

Ok - so maybe less than 9 months ago, but quite some time ago nonetheless, this is what I saw:

It's so hard to believe that the time has already passed and here I am waiting for the baby. I'm not going to lie - I'm impatiently waiting. I just feel like everything is on hold until she gets here - that I am waiting for this hump to go over before I can do a bunch of stuff. After my appointment on Thursday when it was concluded that there was NO CHANGE and that they'd check me on Monday and see about an induction next week, I decided to at least play a bit. Went scrapbooking on Friday night and had a great time - got to see my friends!

Yesterday Maggie went for her cheerleading fitting. Yes - she wants to be a cheerleader. Yes - everyone that knows me or saw the "Fire Me Please" episode knows how I feel about that. But, watching her excitement yesterday as she put on the "shell" (Like I know what that is?) and her little skirt, etc., made it worth it. She'll have a good time this fall, plus I hope she makes more friends than just those in her class. We'll see how it goes.

Of course, as we're leaving the gym there are two boys outside in a fistfight. NO parents around, except me. My initial reaction was to separate them and pull the one off of the other. (The one kid was being PUMMELED) But, then I had to stop. These boys were about 12, so they weren't small kids. And, here I was 9 months pregnant. I could just see myself getting tangled up in this mess. I ran inside and grabbed another parent and when we got outside, the one boy took off running. Sadly, the other boy had NO IDEA who he was or why he attacked him. :( I was so upset. I wish I could have pulled that kid off of him. Those who know me know that I don't tolerate that type of stuff. Me and the other mom drove around looking for the boy but couldn't find him. Brat! What else was upsetting is that Maggie stood there with me - I told her to jump in the car, but she saw it. I came home and told Scott that she's taking some sort of self-defense class as soon as we can logistically figure it out. (I've been wanting to put her in Tae Kwon Do for a while, now.) I want her to be able to defend herself against something like that. I just have no idea what gets into the minds of kids these days.

Anyway, it's Sunday and I'm just doing some laundry and waiting for the rain to ease up. It's rained all weekend. So dreary and depressing. I need to run to the grocery but I'm like an old cat - I hate getting wet. So, I'm playing around and watching "In the Womb" and "Birth Day". Yes - shows to remind me that I haven't had my baby, yet. LOL!


Angie said...

My bet was on tomorrow!!

Maybe they'll knock something loose at your appointment tomorrow! :D

You must be miserable. Would it help if I reminded you that at least it isn't August?

Oh well, I tried.

tina said...

g- i absolutely love your blog. you always make me laugh, or get a little "veklempt".. (not sure how to spell that)
i remember 9 months ago when this all started...all of us were sooo happy for you. we still are, and cannot wait for the big day to meet that little cutie patootie!!
i hope this is the week.

um, yeah... about that bully. he deserves to have his ass kicked. by someone bigger and older.
who do these kids think they are that they can just bully everyone around them and get away with it?? you and i have had these conversations, and we know where we stand. I'm like the mother lion protecting her young when it comes to stuff like that. there is no excuse for it. good decision on your part for staying out of it though and getting another parent.
we can only wish that S2H would have been there...
maybe next time it will be him or another dad.
hang in there, not too much longer. great seeing you Fri night!!

Barb said...

Hey, that's my hand!

Maggie could use a little Lewis in her life too :-)

totally me said...

It won't be much longer!

how fun that your baby girlie is trying cheerleading. you will all have a great time. My girlie wants to do this to but unless they come with a with 8 extra between 3 and 8 pm and a clone of me its not happening


primitivebunnies said...

I am thinking of you everyday, praying for that baby to come at just the right time...praying for her journey to "our world" to be fast and easy on her mama. I remember it like yesterday - me bawling my eyes out at this happy news for you.

Maggie will be the cutest little cheerleader! And don't worry - watch BRING IT ON - There are cool cheerleaders out there! Eliza Dushku (sp)!