Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Busy Weekend & Contest Update

First off - WOW! The entries that are coming in for the contest are AWESOME! I am SO excited about this! :) You just have no idea. Keep them coming because we LOVE looking at them!

I'll put a link on the side of the blog that will reference back to the rules. Don't forget - you have until September 30th and you can submit as MANY as you want!

Well - back to my regularly scheduled blog. We had a pretty busy weekend - don't I sound like "Frank the tank" from Old School? LOL! Anyway, mainly just family stuff although on Saturday I scrapped with some of my friends and it was awesome! I really miss that! I hope we all do it more often. The only thing is - I need to buy a table. I borrowed one from Scott's parents and it was the perfect size for four of us. Plus, we had Mexican food. And if you're wondering - NO - I didn't count the points...

Sunday was a nice day with Scott's family. We had a good time. Plus, more good food. I've got a lot of redeeming to do this week. Sadly - I ordered Winsor Pilates on Sunday. Hope that stuff helps me. LOL! It worked for Daisy Fuentes, Mare Winningham and Lisa Rinna - I'm sure it can work for me! (Hopefully you can pick up on my total sarcasm) It was only $9.95 plus shipping/handling. I figure I'll give it a try since I like yoga.

Yesterday we took the girls to the Zoo. I didn't realize how busy that place would be. I figured everyone would be recouping from their weekend, but it was a madhouse! Maggie brought Shannon along (Barb's daughter) and they had a great time. By the time we went home, all of us were totally pooped. We saw everything we could! Addison was even worn out! Here's the girls at the Kangaroo Exhibit. They were cracking me up!

Maggie went back to school today. She'll be there two weeks on Wednesday. She's loving it - which is awesome! I hope it always stays that way. Here she is on her first day - I just can't believe how big she's getting.

Then of course Addie's hair just keeps getting longer. This photo is of her in her Bumbo playing in her crib. I was reorganizing her closet (she's FINALLY in 3-6 month clothes!) so she sat and played. I put her hair in a little pony - she makes all these funny faces whenever I get out the camera. She's going to be my fireball!

Scott's doing well...doing his Tae Kwon Do. He snapped this photo of Addison the other day. He's really into the UFC and of course his favorite fighter is Tito Ortiz, so he took this photo of her to upload to Tito's My Space. I don't know what I'm going to do with that boy!



Emily Adams said...

OMG - hold on - I NEED the picture of Addison in the hat...........I NEED IT. Could you pretty please email it to me?

Ypur kiddos are sooooooo cute!

Angie said...

That picture made me literally LOL

Kimberly Brock said...

Fun photos Ginger!!! Looks like the girls had a blast at the zoo!!

Love Addy's hair!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey girlie...the girls are so cute. Miss you!


Heather said...

OMG look at how big she is getting...how time flies! Sounds like a wonderful weekend too!

Sharon L. said...

Your girls are so gorgeous!! Gotta love that pony straight up in the air. i used to fix Britt's like that all the time!