Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This is my mom...

This photo pretty much sums up my mom: Grandkids everywhere. Actually, the little one on the right is Ryan, her GREAT-grandaughter. (Yes - my mom has grandkids and great-grandkids that are roughly the same age)

People often ask me how I do it. How do I balance a career and kids? It's simple actually: MOM. She helps Scott and I all the time. She watches Addie, gets Maggie from school, keeps them overnight when I'm traveling and Scott's working, etc. The woman is a machine! I drop Addie off in the morning and Scott picks up both Addie and Maggie from her when his shift ends. She entertains two babies and a six year old almost every day. Trust me - she's a God send.

Thanks for being so awesome Mom! Love you!

(Note: Addie's hair is REALLY long - past her shoulders. So, it's brushed over on her face which looks silly in the photo. Normally it's combed back but how in the world do you hold two babies without one of them getting mussed hair?)


Anonymous said...

I just cannot get over all that hair! I had bald babies so I couldn't even imagine washing it. She's a future Brek girl (remember that shampoo?) Melinda

Missy said...

Great post Gindog. What would we do without our moms???

Tina said...

I LOVE your Mom! She is funny, and so sweet. You are so lucky Ginger.
What a terrific picture of her and her sweeties!