Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Getting ready for CHA...

I always start getting sad at about this time. I hate leaving my kids and Scott while I go out of town. It just makes me sad because I'm worried I'll miss something while I'm gone. This trip, I'm actually missing quite a bit. Maggie has an awards ceremony at school on Friday morning and she and Scott are both doing their belt testing on Saturday. I'm missing all of that.

So, I have to start getting ready. Tonight will be laundry and packing since we leave at about 6:00 am on Thursday. I'll pick up Laura at her apartment and we'll drive out to Indianapolis to catch our flight. We'll be flying into LAX - and the excitement for me is going to IKEA. I can't wait - have never been to one but we're supposed to get one in 2008. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed on that one!

Anyway - here's Addie on Sunday. She was sitting in her chair eating puff corn. (Her favorite thing in the world is cheese puff corn) Can't do a post without a photo! (Maggie was watching Happy Feet with her grandparents!)


Mikaela said...

Such a cutie!
I just hav e to say that I love the stuff you are making, just hoping that it will come to Sweden soon.

Tina said...

Things Tina is jealous of right now.
Ginger gets to go to Cali.
Ginger gets to go with Laura to Cali.
Ginger gets to go to CHA.
Ginger gets to see and shop in IKEA.

Tina wants an IKEA here in Cincy. Now. Not in 2008.
Ginger rocks the house with her new lines, Ginger will have a very successful show, Ginger is the bomb yo'.
Tina loves ya- Tina will see you when you get back.
No, you don't have to talk in 3rd party while you're there. LOL.
Love ya girl-

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Hope you have a great time at CHA! And IKEA of course!

Can't wait to read your post-CHA musings.:)