Monday, April 16, 2007

Hopefully this is a better week...

Last week was just too much. With Margaret's death, the funeral, and my mom having an emergency CT Scan because they thought she had appendicitis (turns out to be diverticulitis instead), I pretty much had a rough week. I'm praying that this one gets better.

Of course, we did have one bright spot in the week - Scott and I got a brand new Sonata. I have to be honest when I saw that I never thought I'd buy a Hyundai. I remember the days in the 90's when Hyundai's weren't necessarily your best car. They weren't Yugos, but they weren't Toyotas, either. However, with the rise in gas prices and our SUV that sucked gas constantly, we decided that we needed to check out the mid-size sedans and see what we could find. (Especially since Addie's car seat probably wouldn't fit comfortably in an RX-8.)

We had already test drove the Mazda6 (LOVED IT) but the dealer wouldn't work with me on pricing the way I wanted him to. (After trading in 13 cars in 12 years, I know how to harass a dealer!) I started asking friends and family about their cars because were were going to buy outside of Mazda and my SIL and Barb H. both have Sonatas and LOVE them. Like, serious LOVE. The type of love for a car that causes them to light up when they talk about it. They're simple cars, yes, but I'm an adult now and have realized that sometimes the basic cars are the good ones. Boy - were they right! I picked it out - Dark Grey. And, new car smell. LOVE new car smell.

Good thing is - my payment is cheaper, so I'll have it paid off about the same time or sooner than the Tribute. Plus, this baby has XM Satellite radio. I never realized how awesome that is! I've been enjoying my morning commute with my 80's, 90's and Hitlist channels and Maggie's pretty stoked about Radio Disney.

Anyway - not too sure what the purpose of my car post was except to say that I'm now the PROUD owner of a Hyundai. Maggie wants it when she turns 16. (I'm sure she'll change her mind by then!) But, hopefully it will be gas friendly (seems to be so far) and everything that my friends and family said it would be.

On a final note, if you do not know about Jen Gallacher and her little boy, Joey, please check out the link at the side of my blog. It's heartbreaking to think about everything her family must be going through right now. Anyway - Tania Willis has organized a benefit for the family and as someone who has been touched by cancer in her life, I know how much this can mean to someone. So - please check out the benefit information. There are a lot of great scrappers donating a lot of time and products and if you donate, your name may be drawn to receive one of the amazing gifts. I believe in the power of many.


Tina said...

Hope this is a much better week for you Ginger. Your new car sounds great! Happy for ya!

Karen Lopez said...

Congrats on your new car!! :)

Here's to a happy week for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

We Hogans love all things Korean! Hi-Ya! Hyn-DAI!

Angie said...

Congrats on the new car! Love me some new car scent, even bought a bottle of it. FYI: It doesn't mask the smell of chocolate milk and french fries. Sad.

Also, I sent my donation. Thanks for pointing it out for me!

Chrys said...

Congrats on the new car!!!!!!!!!! how exciting!!! :)

hoping your week is better than last! :) :)

Jennafer said...

Congrats on your new purchase. I'm SHOCKED that you didn't get a Mazda, but you know - change is a good thing (says the Nissan gal!). Enjoy!