Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Had a great weekend!

You know, to be a scrapbooker, I'm HORRIBLE about photos. Therefore, I don't have many to post from this weekend because I had one heck of a good time at a crop on Saturday and took NO photos. That's right. None. But, I did finish 12 layouts (nothing groundbreaking of course) and caught up with some very good friends and new friends to boot! I can't wait to do it again. Here's one of my layouts - photo is crooked - I apologize for that.

On Friday night (I'm working backwards here, aren't I?), Scott had his belt ceremony. We ended up sitting Maggie out for this testing just because it's a different level and she was not ready for Senior Blue. Plus, it gave Scott a chance to catch up and be the same rank with Maggie. One of the reasons why I'm glad they're the same rank now, is that if and when they do become black belts, hopefully it will be at the same time. There was a father there giving a speech that evening regarding his daughter that had just earned her black belt and I became teary eyed. It was one of the BEST speeches I have ever heard. He told her how she was differentiating herself from the norm, and how she had something that even her daddy didn't have. It was so moving to see this father talk about his daughter with such raw emotion. Afterwards, I went up to the family to talk for a minute because I was so inspired by them. Even Scott said he got a little verklempt. (My girls know what I'm talking about!) Anyway, I DID get a photo of Scott with his new belt and Mr. Lewis - the instructor. (Relax girls - Lewis is taken. He has a very sweet girlfriend, Nim.)

Other than that - nothing is really going on. I'm trying to catch up on my sleep from Saturday still. (Got home close to 2 am - only because I was behind a drunk passed out at the wheel at an intersection and had to call the cops - that was fun - NOT!)


Angie said...

Ok, I read that as you were drunk and passed out behind the wheel. Now I take a bottle of wine to crops, but jeez. ;)

I should stop reading so fast. lol

Kimberly Brock said...

It was awesome seeing you G!! Loved the crop thanks for the invite! We need to do that more often.

About the drunk- OMG!!! I bet that was wild!

Carla said...

Had a great time seeing you again! I still can't believe you did 12. I did finish the 2 I started though!

I can't believe you had to call the cops. I can just see you in the car.