Thursday, March 29, 2007

Addie's Stats

Scott just called me from the doctor's office. Addie is in for her 1 year appointment and it's so funny how different she is from Maggie. At 1, Maggie was about 24 pounds and wearing a size 4 shoe, 18-24 month clothes and she was a good-sized kid. Addie is weighing in at a whopping 16 lbs, 7 ounces (it's still all about the ounces right now) and is 28" long. (She has LONG legs, though - I now have her wearing her 3 month pants as capris - LOL!) Her two outfits I just bought her today are 9 months. Normally, she wears anything from 9-12 months and her shoe size is a 2.

I'm thinking my kids are going to look NOTHING alike. Scott even said the other day that Maggie will be about 5' 9" (my height) and Addie might top out at 5' 2". Unless this kid has a big growth spurt later on, I'm willing to say that he's right.

Scott's call came before her shot. I'm sure this is what's going on by now...

Poor little peanut. :(


Jan said...

Cracks me up how different kids in the same family can be, and how different they can be from their parents. I am tall like you (5' 8"). My oldest daughter, at 14, is about 5'0", and the doc says she'll be lucky to be much taller than that. What the heck?!!! One of my kids weighed 10 lbs. at birth, another was 4' 15.5 oz. What's that all about?

Celia said...

Variety is always fun, huh?! :) My boys are the same way!!!