Friday, February 22, 2008

Here's the ring!!!

Ok - I'm at home today because there is a ton of snow and ice and my mom was freaking out at the thought of me going to work (God love her) and Maggie was out of school, so I'm working at home today. Anyway, I thought I would take a quick break and show you the diamond ring from my hubby!

Sorry for the photo but I used my photobooth program to take the photo. I'm pointing at the ring - it's the one at the top of my wedding set. It looks much more beautiful in real life, it's really gorgeous.

This is how Scott gave it to me. On Wednesday (Feb 13th) I returned home at about 9:00 at night from CHA. I was WORN out and tired and cranky because I had not had dinner so I came in and began to eat something quickly. Scott insisted on taking a bath immediately which sort of ticked me off but quite frankly I was too tired to argue about it.

Scott has this habit of taking a bath and then forgetting to grab a towel out of the linen closet so he usually will holler for me to get one. That's what he did that night and I proceed to go into the bathroom and I'm griping the entire time about why can't he get his own towel. I yank one out of the closet and the ring box falls on the floor. I took one look at it and sort of blanked out and then shut the door. I reopened it and picked up the box and that's when Scott said something about opening it and I started crying immediately. Basically, he set the entire thing up because it's our joke about how he can never grab a towel and that night he wanted me to grab the towel and be surprised by the ring. You have to know Scott. He's not the most romantic guy - but he's perfect for me.

Apparently, he took the girls to the jewelry store while I was at CHA and Maggie helped him pick out the ring. I actually went to the store to get my wedding set cleaned to match (trust me - I didn't realize how messy it was) and the girl that waited on me told me about how sweet he was when he was in there. (She recognized the ring) She was like "I KNEW he wouldn't wait until August" because Scott was originally going to give it to me for our anniversary in August, but he couldn't wait. What a guy!

So - that's the story behind the ring. Silly but sweet. :)


Angie said...

That is gorgeous! And what a sweet story. He's a keeper!

Tina said...

Not silly at all, and oh so sweet. Good going Scott- that was such a nice way for Ginger to come home. It's gorgeous!!

Barb said...

That's a great story Ginger! It's not silly at all, it's clever! Love that S2H!

I can't wait to see the goods in person!

Terri Davenport said...

That is so sweet! Beautiful ring!

Anonymous said...

What a welcome home, huh? :) That is very sweet. I'm so happy for you. I hope you're doing well. The season premier of DIRT is this weekend! Wohoo!


Janna said...

Lucky girl. You deserve it!! How sweet the way he gave it to you! Ahhhh...true love :)

pakosta said...

that's so so sweet! it had me in tears! gorgeous ring!