Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm sorry...

I am sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I know - it's been over a MONTH since I posted and I apologize for that. Things have just been really crazy around the house and so much has happened in a month. I'll try to do a quick summary (in order) so that you can see what's been going on.

I returned from TNNA and it's catalog season at work so I've been swamped. I have also totally become addicted to knitting and am working on a blanket - so there's an update from my knitting post. I even joined our lunchtime knitting group at work. It's funny to watch 20 girls sit around a lunchroom table with needles and yarn. The clicking of the needles is quite a site. And - now I'm one of them! Anyway, enough of my knitting speak.

I also gave in to Scott and Maggie's constant begging and we got a dog. His name is Achilles and he's an American Hairless Terrier. Basically that boils down to BALD DOG. Imagine Mr. Bigglesworth, but as a dog. That's my dog. He's hilarious. Here are a few photos that my breeder had sent to me. I have some pictures but once again had no time to upload. Plus, he's a feisty booger, but he's so sweet. He's really a good dog and he cuddles with me at night. He pretty much follows me around the house and sits with me whenever I'm standing still for a minute. He's almost 4 months now, and these were taken last month.

I never thought I'd become one of those people that puts clothes on my dog, but he has his own wardrobe. He has to wear clothes because it's cold and he has no fur. (The reason why we went hairless is because of Maggie's allergies) He's actually a cool dog - whenever we have him out, people stop and make a fuss over him. He's my boy!

We had a tragedy in the family the morning before I left for CHA. My sister-in-law, Gayle, passed away on February 7th. It's a long story as to what happened, but it was a shock and I do ask for prayers for my nephews. Gayle was a big part of our lives. She and my brother were married almost 20 years - they had been divorced the past 7 but were married for a LONG time. I grew up with her, so I have had a lot of grief to deal with and I probably haven't dealt with it very well considering I had to board a plane the next morning and missed the services. But, we're healing. Everyone is healing. My biggest concern are her three sons that she left behind. They're in their late teens, early 20's, but they still need a lot of support. The shock has really taken its toll on them. Anyway - I do ask for your prayers.

CHA was great - all things considered. I traveled with my good friend Jennifer (which made traveling a lot easier to have someone that gets it), and this was the first time that I was with F+W and not releasing a line. I have to say, it was SO relaxing for me. I was able to walk around and talk with stores, manufacturers, designers, etc., without having to worry about "are my lines ok?" or "Do people like them?" I could just appreciate everything that was out there and I didn't stress about the show like I normally would have. Saw some AWESOME stuff! I have to say - I really, REALLY like October Afternoon (not to be confused with October Road which is one of my new favorite shows!). I got some and cannot wait to tear into it. I also love Scenic Route (as always) and American Crafts. I was also excited to see my good friend, Teresa Collins and her newest release. It's STUNNING. My girl is so talented! She was the buzz of the show! Congrats T! You deserve it girl!

I made some new friends and had dinner with the Hero Arts team. They are awesome and so welcoming. I also hung out with Janna Wilson who is quite possibly one of the funniest girls I've ever met. I can't wait to see her at the summer show. (You better go girl!) Talking with our authors was a good time and it's amazing how busy our booth was. I loved it!

I saved the best for last, though. The night I got home Scott had an amazing surprise waiting for me. I'll save how he gave it to me for another post since I need to take a photo of it, too, but he gave me my Valentines/Anniversary present. We were engaged 12 years ago on Valentine's Day and this August we'll be married 10 years. When I got home that night he gave me the most beautiful anniversary band. I cried. It's gorgeous. He took the girls and went and picked out this ring and it's just beautiful. It means so much to me. I promise to take a photo and post about how he gave it to me but just know that it's GORGEOUS and I love it. The diamonds are perfect cut (whatever that means - LOL!) and they sparkle like crazy. He said something about them being colorless and flawless, too, but when you're looking at your ring, pretty much all of that stuff goes in one ear and out the other because you don't really care at that point. You're just so overwhelmed at the gesture. At least I was. So - I was a very, very happy girl and have been ever since.

That's it. There's my update. Sorry for making you wait this long. I realized when I had NINE people at CHA say something to me, that it was time for me to post. Heck - I never realized that many people read my blog. Leave me a comment sometime people! :)


Carla said...

Hey a new blog post! Yippee!

It was great to see you at the show. Glad you had fun hanging out and walking the floor. It definitely makes for a more relaxing show.

Love the dog photos. No shedding! And you need to show the dress-up photos asap!

Angie said...

It's hard to comment when you don't post! =P

(why does it always take me 5 tries to beat the word verification?)

Kim said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your SIL & friend. Her family is in my prayers.

Congrats on the ring. A man can never go wrong getting jewelry. :)

I learned to knit in the 3rd grade and am seriously thinking about dusting off the old kneedles (which I still have) and give it a try again.

Barb said...

You got a freaking diamond ring and you didn't even tell me. I am officially and completely hurt. ;-D

Tina said...

THANK you sweet 6lb 8oz baby Jesus! Ginger finally updated her blog!!
Okay- I'm with Barb, you got a DIAMOND RING, and didn't even tell me??!! What the hell??
Your little hairless dog is cute. I'm glad I'm not the only one out in this freezing cold weather with a dog. : )
I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your sister in law. That is so sad, I will pray for comfort and strength for all of you at this sad time.
Thanks for the update Gingy,
Love ya girl-


Emily Adams said...

I really missed seeing you at the show. The few times I got out of the booth to check in they said you were walking the floor & on the last day when I checked they said you'd already gone. I wish we could've connected. I hear you look fabulous & you sound really happy. I miss you.

Sorry about your sister-in-law. I had 2 deaths of close family friends while I was at CHA this time (both unexpected strokes) and it was so strange/surreal to even process the concept that they were gone while I was there - let alone talk Matt through coping with a funeral by phone (one was the brother of a good friend of his - our age - and the other was a family member of one of my sister-in-laws).

...change topic...

Your dog is adorable! Glad to see the update - I still check your blog all the time. :)

Knitting is totally on my list of things I want to learn. So cool that you can!

Say hi to S2H & the girls for me with exta hugs for my Maggie :)

Barb said...

Congrats on the ring and so glad to see an update.....prayers are with you and your nephews.

Anonymous said...

Glad to finally see a post. I was about ready to give up checking. I met you a few years ago at either an expo or CKU ( I go to so many I can' remember) I enjoyed meeting you- you are so funny and we share a mutual love(or lust) for Nick Lachey. Keep up the post!! Love the dog.

Trish said...

I have MISSED YOU!! So glad you are well and still busy. The dog is adorable, as are you! Loved the update, and I will email you soon. I LOVED TC's release and got it ALL--I've been playing with it for a WEEK! Stay well, and I'll say a prayer for you and the nephews sweetie!

Alicia said...

So glad to see a new post! Love your blog... from a fellow Ulitmate Fighter **chic** said...

I was fixin to start scolding you for the posting hiatus. Gosh...lots has happen. So sorry about the sad news girl...keep y'all in my prayers for sure. GO SCOTTY!! Take care girlfriend! jw

Janna said...

Oh...and you are really giving me an itch to KNIT!! I'm going to look for my needles now! THANKS A LOT!! jw

MommaAng said...

OMG! That is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen!