Monday, September 01, 2008

I know...I know...

Ok - I suck. I know that. I have been TERRIBLE about blogging and I really do have all intentions of being better. Right now, so much is going on. Maggie is a cheerleader now, so four to five days per week are spent doing something related. Either tumbling class, practice, games, etc. She loves it - and quit Tae Kwon Do to do it. I got a new "title" at work which basically translates to more work - which has me quite stressed. Addie is doing good as is Scott. They're just plugging away. The end of summer is here, school is back in session and life is back to the hectic day to day. Boring, huh?

I thought I'd share some photos from the past two months. I got the new camera and then my card reader died, so I bought a new one two weeks ago and am just NOW getting around to uploading them. Hopefully, you'll enjoy! :)

Our Pups - I bought these shirts for them while on vacation and this is their favorite pastime - looking out the window and watching the cars drive by. I swear, they are the coolest dogs ever.

My girl in her uniform. The lighting stinks because we have a florescent light in our kitchen, but it just amazes me how much she is growing up!

I am still addicted to knitting. Have finished like 5 hats and plan to sell a few on Etsy, soon. (Still trying to figure out if I should...) Anyway, here is Addie modeling one that I made for her. This was my first knitted project, so go easy on me.

I STILL can't believe she is in the 3rd grade! She is loving her class (I think it's because two boys that she's had crushes on are in there!) and she is now "switching" classes, so she thinks she's a big deal. LOL! Everything is Hannah Montana. Folders, notebooks, lunch bag, t-shirts, EVERYTHING!

I guess that's all for now. I'll post more later. It's late and truthfully - I want to get to bed. I thought about watching the Republican National Convention but I'll probably fall asleep. I know I did during the DNC. (But, that might be because I'm a McCain girl) Election year is always a fun time - everyone with their stickers, etc. I have such a wide view on various issues, that it was somewhat hard to determine who I really wanted. Truthfully - none of my preferred candidates made the final cut, but that's just how it goes.

Anyway - I'm off to bed. Hopefully you'll get another post from me this week. :D


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ginger! It's about time!! As much as I adore Lauran, I have to admit, I was getting a little tired of seeing her "mug" on your blog! LOL.
Wow- I cannot get over Maggie. What a cutie! She has grown up so much since I last saw her. And of course little Addie is just a peanut. : )
Your dogs are totally cool and I love that picture of them!
Thanks for the update girl, I miss you!
Love- Tina

jendera said...

Those kids grow so stinkin fast. Ethan started third grade today and Dilly started kindergarten. I had to laugh cuz I went back and looked at Ethans first day shots from kindergarten and then today. Oh... he looks so old. How did time go so fast?? Doesn't it seem like you just had Addie???

Anonymous said...

"title change"? Does this mean that you got a promotion? If so, congrats!!! And you so SHOULD open an etsy shop! I would totally buy a hat and refer my friends! - JennaferM