Saturday, July 09, 2005

A change of heart...

Originally, I was going to post a "vent" about the ALPHA female. This originated from Barb's blog since she was discussing the the very topic. I experienced that last night. A female that apparently felt as though she was not being paid enough attention and decided to turn her back on those who were always there for her. Very sad. I don't know what sparked the "turn". In any event, I don't have the patience for such things. We're all adults and we should treat each other as such. We shouldn't throw cold shoulders and have petty little whispers. We should grow up.

With that being said - I want to take this to a more positive turn (remember the positive post this week?) and upload some of my favorite photos from the past three weeks.

We had Scott's company picnic, so I have some photos that we took at the amusement park.

Then there are the close-ups of Maggie and her cousin, Abigail.

The girls had such a great time last weekend playing dress-up and swimming.

Thank GOD for family.


Brett's Babe said...

Hey Ginger....Scott's haircut RAWKS.

Donna Walk said...

Love these fun photos Ginger!! :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you! Taking the high road and being positive and letting it go... whatever it was, lol! That is not always easy to do. Fun pictures! They look like they're having lots of fun! =)

Wanda E. Santiago said...

The great thing about family they keep us focused!! Hugs Wanda