Friday, July 08, 2005

It's Friday!!!

Although, I don't know why I'm all giddy. It's not like I have the weekend to "play". LOL! I'm going to be finalizing classes, etc. Tomorrow I'm heading over to Lenscrafters with my mom so we can get some new glasses. I'm not sure what style I like. Part of me wants something "artsy" and then the other part of me wants something that is less "noticable". I guess I'll know what I like when I try them on, but I'm open to suggestions.

I'll have photos tonight. Had some printed and burned to a CD yesterday. (My Rebel didn't come with the software to upload to my computer and I haven't taken the time to download it from the Internet)

Oh, and hubby just called me AT WORK to annoy me about wanting a new pair of sunglasses. He only has THREE pair now. Drives me nuts. So, I basically took out all of my stress and frustration on him LOL! He didn't need a new pair anyway. (Scott - if you're reading this - YOU DO NOT NEED ANOTHER PAIR OF SUNGLASSES! THE ONES YOU HAVE ARE FINE!!!!!)

Ok - I feel better now!



Donna Walk said...

Have a great weekend Ginger!! :) Can't wait to see pics!! :)

Susan said...

good luck with the glasses! I went for the funky and my son told me straight out "how long before you get another pair???"

Anonymous said...

lol! no more sunglasses... sounds like something I would say to my dh in relation to tools!

Brett's Babe said...

I love nerdy glasses. You'll find something spectacular, I'm sure!

CarrieK said...

Ginger saw the new stuff online tonight I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Youre a genius!! Steel Magnolias is one of my favoritest movies! Hope the weekend goes smooth!

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