Monday, August 15, 2005

Let's Talk Cravings

Back to my confessions of a fat girl, let's talk pregnancy cravings. True - I should be eating fruits, veggies and all of that good stuff. However, I am from Cincinnati and I'm a true Cincinnatian. With that being said, there is only ONE thing that satisfies the pregnant palette and that's.... SKYLINE!

Last night at approximately 9:30, I decided that I had to have a coney. Not wanted, but rather NEEDED! One of those sort of cravings where you'd walk five miles in 10 feet of snow to get it. Scott was sitting there playing NCAA '06 and it hit me and the begging started.

"What?" (as he continues to shuffle through college players)
"I'm hungry"
"And?" (he knows what's coming)
"I want a coney"
"Right now???"

The bantering went on for about 5 minutes before he realized that I wasn't giving up. I could have gone out to get it but I was TIRED. LOL! I wanted him to bring me the coney. So, God love him, he went out and bought me two coneys - no mustard or onion.

For those of you that are NOT from Cincinnati, let me briefly explain Cincinnati Chili. It's not like Texas Chili. It's not hot, but rather sweet. (Rumor is that two of the "spices" are cinnamon and chocolate) There are two main ways it's served: the Cheese Coney which is a hot dog with chili, cheddar cheese, mustard and onion, and then the 3-way - Spaghetti, Chili and Cheese. Either way, right now it's YUMMY! And, one of the only things that doesn't make me sick all night. (Which is actually rare because most other people get sick from it)

So, there it is. Confessions of pregnancy cravings from a fat girl. YUM!


Emily said...

I just had a coney on Sunday. Not the best (since it was at DQ) but it satisfied my "craving". And NO, I am NOT pregnant! (right?)

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Skyline!! From one true Cincinnatian to another! : )

Brett's Babe said...

Skyline ROCKS!

Tracey said...

Gee, and I got through my twin pregnancy eating toast, peanut butter, and eggs -- not all together either! For some reason, those three items were what I wanted and kept me from getting even MORE sick. Oh, and Jolly Ranchers -- hard candy helps, too. lol

Kim Brock said...

I love coneys!!!!

kelly edgerton said...

Ginger, I'm thinking that this musst be your comfort food! It sounds like a gastronomical delight.