Thursday, October 20, 2005

I've got soul but I'm not a soldier

Well, it's about time I got out of this funk. This hormonal driven funk that basically left me with little ambition to create. UGH! But, this morning, I decided to do something about it. I cranked one of my favorite CD's - Hot Fuss. I can only hope that The Killers release a sophomore album as great as this.

I was heartbroken because I arrived TWO DAYS after the Killers played in Vegas. You have to understand my infatuation with Brandon Flowers. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband, but you know that list that they created on "Friends"? Yes - he's at the top of mine. I don't care that he's 5 years my junior. If Demi can have Ashton (ALSO on my list) then I can add Brandon to mine! Ask some of the girls that were with me - every time we were in a cab, I was asking if they had seen him, knew where I could find them, etc. They're from Vegas - I figured what better time to hunt them down then while there. Alas, I never saw him. :(

However, look at him... MEOW!

Ok - Killers set aside, I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the girls I work with. The design team is FAB! We all went to dinner on Tuesday night (with me GREEN at the gills with morning sickness that has decided to show up in the EVENING). Here we are at the fountains in front of the Belagio. (Borrowed from Becky's blog!)

Can I just say that they should NEVER do the fountains set to "My Heart Will Go On" with a pregnant lady in the audience that just watched Titanic a week before? Yes - full blown tears. It was awful. I felt like a total dork, but I'm emotional anyway and now I cry at the drop of a hat. Why couldn't they have played a fun song? Nope - gotta do a sappy song that reminds me of some poor guy that freezes to death in the middle of the ocean. Insert big "L" on my forehead. But, the fountains were cool to see!

That's all for now. Gotta run and pack kits for 400 students for next week and get some creativity flowing. It's about darn time!


Barb Hogan said...

Now THERE's my girl. :-)

Tina said...

Thank you Brandon Flowers and your killer band for making such great music that it got my girl G back in her groove!!
Rock on!!
Love ya G.

Becky said...

Yea...great to see you crankin' up the tunes and finding that creative ambition again! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree...Brandon Flowers is delicious!! I love his facial expressions in the video "Mr. Brightside"...hehe

Jen S. said...

Ooooh, Brandon Flowers is yummy! I have that "Friends" list, too. BF is #2, right after Trent Reznor. Glad you got your groove back! If anything can do it, music can!!!


Heather said...

You crack me up girl!!! What a great picture! And thanks for the are the best and I so value your opinion!! I will email you later on! ;)

mike said...

Too bad you missed them In Vegas, I'd love to see them there, but when I scored some comped seats to see them in Indianapolis a few months ago I was still blown away. They were amazing live and Brandon was H-O-T hot! Let's hope that hteir next disc is jsut as good, eh?