Thursday, February 16, 2006

At the request of my friend Tina

I'm adding a "funnier" post. I guess my "lovey dovey" (gag) posts about me and S2H get a little boring after a few days. :)

There are lots of things for me to blog about but I haven't really had time, blah blah blah... I also realized that I missed posting about Grey's Anatomy. What the HECK is wrong with me? That's my normal Monday morning blogging. So - here goes:

WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU TURN A HOTTIE LIKE KYLE CHANDLER INTO PINK MIST????? Seriously...I was hoping that he could somehow train to become a doctor and be on the show full time. THAT would have made GA the perfect show! I mean - look at this -

No way on earth would I have blown him up. Nope - nada. He could have come back as a chief resident or something. Or, resident hottie doctor - he and McDreamy. It could be Brokeback Grey's Anatomy for all I care. As long as I got to look at the both of them, life is good.

Then there is the ongoing saga of Meredith/McDreamy/Addison. Alright - here is how I see it. McDreamy belongs with Meredith. I realize that his wife is Addison but she cheated and for that, she must pay. I like Addison, don't get me wrong. (Heck, I'm still trying to convince my husband to name our daughter Addison even though 1) Addie was my grandmother's name and that's PRE Grey's Anatomy and 2) I didn't even realize Addison was a GA character until about 3 months ago when it finally dawned on me) But, I just see him with Meredith. (which is ALSO a cute girls name - S2H if you're reading this!) When McDreamy came to the door and talked about their last kiss, I literally melted and started sobbing. Of course, I cry at the Chase Credit Card commercial, but still - very touching. I just want them together. Love Meredith. Pick Meredith. Choose Meredith.

Ok - enough blabbing about Grey's Anatomy even though it's Thursday and I'm already looking forward to Sunday. :)

As for other things on the home front, I'm still eagerly awaiting some shower photos so that I can tell ya'll about my awesome shower from Sunday. My friends definitely got a kick out of my mother - picture a cross between Shirley McLaine and Dolly Parton. You have my mom. Well, maybe a dash of Jeff Foxworthy, too. But, she's the best mom. Wouldn't trade her for anything. Do wish I could put a mute button on her sometimes, but wouldn't trade her. LOL!

Carpet is being laid in the girls' room today. So weird to be able to say it. Scott repainted the room and it looks great. Although, I think he was a bit off of his rocker letting a 5 year old pick the colors but he said it's her room and she can have what she wants. I'm too exhausted to fight it so I went with it and it's actually very cute. I'm hoping to get it all put together this weekend and get everything washed and ready to go.

Finally, I'm sick. Yep - not only VERY pregnant but have a double ear infection. Fun. You would think that by 30 I would outgrow those. Nope. Blah...


Jamie said...

I will try to get the photos to you today, they are awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Love to hear that someone else is doing home improvement at a lousy time. Painted DD room lavendar, then started painting most of 1st floor, which became a furniture order of wall unit and 2 tables, which became new carpet, and new window treatments to top it off. And the carpet wont come until at least Monday and on Tuesday I go in for major pelvic surgery.

Chaos unleashed. Tough for a control freak, compulsive cleaner like me!!!

Gook luck with the new baby on the way.

tina said...

THANK YOU Ginger!!!
Oh, and by the way, I LOVE your mom. She almost made me pee my pants with some of her stories, I almost spit a drink out of my mouth at one point with a particular story about "cats", AND, she is as sweet as can be.
Funny and sweet- like you. xox
love ya friend,

Barb Hogan said...

Your mom SO ROCKS!

Hmmm, Kyle Chandler would look better in a pink shirt than as pink mist. Bye-ya, friend! It was good while it lasted........

Anonymous said...

Girl, I was wondering about you during that episode. I about had 2 babies and I'm not even pregnant! 8*) Take care of yourself! Melinda

Susan said...

I even SAID to my dh that I thought it would be cool to have Kyle's character dating Meredith. lucky for him he waited a respectable amount of time before stating the obvious that it wouldn't be happening. couldn't you see? him helping Meredith get over McDreamy? dealing with all the issues?? THEN, when they were 95% happy, McDreamy would finally get free of Addison but it would be too late......okay, gotta sto dreaming about tv shows! is it Sunday yet????