Thursday, February 09, 2006

What happens in Vegas...

Stays in Vegas. The only thing is - my Vegas trip wasn't that exciting considering I was 8 months pregnant. So, all of my photos are relatively subtle - no Thunder Down Under, Gambling, or partying with Britney and K-Fed. (Just kidding - there is not enough antibacterial soap in the world to make me party with K-Fed)

Anyway, wanted to post some of my favorite CHA photos. Remind me later to post the one of Chewbacca. Yes - we found a Wookie while at the show. Those who were there know what I'm talking about. Let's just say "back hair" and leave it at that.

Here's one of all of us at the IP booth. We had SUCH a great group - everyone was awesome. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time at a trade show. We had so much fun. I roomed with Sherry and Laura and let me tell you - they were so great and understanding when I was up 6 times each night running to the bathroom. They also tolerated my endless comedic chatter when the fire alarm went off at 3:00 am. Once I'm up - I'm up.

Anyway - here's the IP team.

The guy on the end is my boss, Morris. He's single if you know anyone that's single, attractive, funny, etc. He's a catch. I'm thinking about nominating him for the next "Bachelor". Me and the other girls were talking about starting a website called Of course, he has his sights set high right now - so, if you're Stacy Keibler on Dancing With the Stars, e-mail me. He's dying for a date.

Then here I am (big belly and all) with my gang from Rocky Mountain Hobbies. Sherry Laffoon, Janice Lund, Me, Cindy and Darren Lombardi (the owners). I just love these guys. They're so awesome and wonderful! And yes - that's Baby X in that big ole belly. Mental note - remind me to save up to have that HUGE chin sucked off after this baby is born. I'm about over it hanging around in all of my photos. Ugh!

Anyway - that's the post for Thursday. Tonight is Earl. Love that show. I can relate. LOL!


totally me said...

does he hike , ski, and jog everyday, and like beautiful blondes who happens to be a nurse, and an artist. e-mail me. I was trying to get theresa to help me fix my friend up with Tim Holtz, but your guy looks just as cute.


Joanna Bolick said...

Well, it's a good thing you didn't have the baby in Vegas, because then the poor thing would have had to stay there, eh?? ; )

Barb Hogan said...

LOL on Joanna's comment! And I think Totally Me is worth checking into for Morris!

Linda A (elendae) said...

Love your photos - and a big shout out to Janice and Sherry - I used to DT with those gals and they are so nice!!