Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ok - I'm back. Not necessarily back to the land of the living, but I'm back from the trade show. Got home on Friday afternoon after an interesting flight. Started having contractions on the plane. The poor guy sitting next to me kept looking over as I was breathing. Good thing they were only BH - although those bad boys can get intense sometimes. I was traveling with my buddy, Barb, and she was asleep in the seat in front of me and I didn't want to wake her up. So, I sat through them for about an hour and a half. I also was NOT going to tell our flight attendant because she was about as goofy as a three-dollar bill. Got home and decided that I would wait it out. Good thing - I drank a lot of water and laid down and they stopped. Of course, I'm still having them on and off but until my water breaks, I think I'm good. LOL! Only 5 weeks left (theoretically).

As I get some photos, I'll be posting pictures of our trip. Stupid me didn't bring a camera. Too lazy, pregnant and well... lazy to do it. So, I'm waiting for the other girls to send me some of their pictures. Of course, it's hard to get some fun photos when you're in bed at the hotel at 6:30 ordering room service and watching reruns of Friends. Yes - I was that sad!

And, since this post was supposed to be on Monday but deferred to Wednesday due to illness and blogger not uploading photos, I have to do my McDreamy post. Nothing beats Patrick Dempsey on Sunday nights. I'm so addicted to Grey's Anatomy that I could sit and watch a 24 hour marathon. Here's the big kicker - Sunday's episode was especially hot. Why? Because the bomb guy was KYLE CHANDLER. I have been into that actor since 1992 when he first did Homefront. I bet NOBODY remembers that show but me. I was so excited to see him and Patrick on TV together.

Tell me this ain't hot:

Of course, I know I'm married to Scottie 2 Hottie but a girl has to have a little eye candy on the TV. I live for Sunday nights. The funny thing is - Scott came home last week and said that all the women he works with talk about McDreamy every Monday. I told him to make it VERY clear to them that McDreamy is mine. :) A girl can always dream can't she? Plus, this week he got the shower scene so it evened out.

Finally, Scott has decided he wants to add the name "Gretchen" to our list of potential baby names. At first I sort of liked it. Then, I thought about Gretchen Wilson and the next thing I'm picturing is our daughter on the porch of a double-wide with blond hair, dark roots, cut-offs and a baby on her hip. Oh - and don't forget the cigarette hanging from her mouth and missing tooth. Not that there is anything wrong with that - trust me - I can relate. But, I'm thinking of vetoing Gretchen from the list. I just don't think I can do it.

We'll see...


tina said...

g- you crack me up!!! every day!!! thank you for updating, i was getting bored. i mean, i'm all about team aniston and all, but seriously.
um, yeah, about mr mdcreamy himself... such a hottie. love that show, and him.
i like the name gretchen, i think it's cute. although i did once have a chihuahua named gretchen. she is the one that we gave to my grandma and was fed snickers and blew up like a football. poor little dog. my grandma was like "well,honey she doesn't like dog food"...i said, "well i guess not after you've been feeding her bite sized snickers"....and that was the end of gretchen. so if you name your little girl gretchen, i will always think back the story about my grandma and the chihuahua.. i think i need to say no to that name. sorry scottie. ; )

totally me said...

loved kyle in Early Edition.

hummmm Gretchen, not so bad.


Carrie K said...

Yessss....thats what he was on!!! Sunday night I was racking my brain trying to figure out WHERE I had seen "bomb guy" !!!

Oh and greys...just keeps getting hotter and hotter!! DYING to see next week...sunday better get here fast!

Oh and Im glad youre home safe and sound and totally agreeing with the Gretchen thing...nope!

Barb Hogan said...

Well I like Gretchen. And you should have woke me up!

kateolynch said...

I couldn't figure out who that kyle was. . .I knew I recognized him. . .thanks for the clarification! :-)

Melinda said...

glad you made it back with no unexpectied deliveries in Vegas...what's born in Vegas, stays in vegas? Don't think they'll be using that slogan anytime soon.

Okay, me and my useless pop culture trivia....Kyle Chandler was the guy from Pure Country that stood in for George Strai's character. I used to know the names of the chartacters, but then I had kids and passed 35!

Oh, and my exciting news I finished my book from the class you taught at Mountains, so you have to come back and teach another one! I guess we can wait until after Baby X (since that name list keeps on growing) makes her arrival! 8*)


laura said...

Okay, I was seriously rolling when you talked about Homefront and Kyle Chandler. I LOVED that show!!! totally my favorite and Kyle is such a cutie!!