Monday, June 19, 2006

Fun stuff!!!!

Saw this on Deb Perry's blog. LOVE Deb's stuff! Anyway, I'm a geek that likes questions, so here goes:

I AM: Scott's wife, Maggie and Addie's mom, Celestine's daughter, and a bit crazy.

I WANT: to be financially stable.

I HAVE: a great family, lots of friends and a pretty cool job.

I WISH: that Scott didn't have to work so hard and that I had a better metabolism.

I HATE: being wet. I'm like an old cat. Oh, and I'm not fond of Brangelina, either.

I MISS: my dad.

I HEAR: people in my office talking right now. Lots of banter. Sort of fun.

I WONDER: how Maggie and Addie will be as teenagers. What in the world will I be doing five years from now.

I REGRET: a lot of things I did as a teenager.

I AM NOT: very good at sticking to diets. Went to the grocery this morning and bought turkey. Ate fettucine alfredo for lunch. That worked....

I DANCE: All the time. Didn't you see my reality tv stint?

I SING: and it's horrible. I can't carry a tune in a bucket. Even my 5 year old told me I suck.

I CRY: when my feelings are hurt or when I'm really angry.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: patient. It's a virtue I don't necessarily possess.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Addie's bottles, Gin-X artwork, Ponytails in Maggie's hair.

I WRITE: in my blog and on My Space.

I CONFUSE: pretty much everything. I live in that state.

I NEED: constant reassurance. No kidding. Poor Scott must be sick of me by now.

I SHOULD: be more forgiving. I hold grudges way too long.

I START: talking really fast when I get nervous. I also don't like awkward situations so I just filibuster.

I FINISH: chocolate cake. Ha!

I ADMIRE: my husband, my kids and my mom. I also think God is pretty cool.

By the way - if you made it through all of this, be sure to check out the Imagination Project blog. (Link to the side) It's got a really nice RAK listed in there right now! :)


Angie said...

Ok I'm ROFL at the turkey / alfredo.

That is totally me. I have been taking 1-2 walks a day all the way around the lake near our house with the baby. Logic would say that if I just combined that with smarter eating, the pounds would melt right off, right?

No, I say "well, that was a long walk, better have 5 bowls of ice cream!"

Vicki B said...

I love you Ging! You make me smile all of the time.

barb Hogan said...

You bought the turkey, but I ate it instead!

Anonymous said...

I think: you are really sweet

I like: that your blog makes me laugh

I know: a fast metabolism is way overrated and taken for granted by those that have one


Sharon L. said...

Ginger...I love your honesty aprinkled with humor!