Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Ok - so I don't have much to say today - I guess because there is really nothing going on. Just plugging away trying to get some stuff done for the show next month. I am pretty excited about some upcoming classes and I'll be posting my schedule on the side bar here soon. (If I can ever figure out this stupid HTML stuff!)

Anyway - I thought I'd play a fun game here. Since there are days when I don't have much to say and I enjoy answering questions, I thought I'd answer questions that my blog readers post in the comments. I'm not shy so I'll probably answer just about anything - and Scott - don't post some crazy question trying to get a response! (That's for my husband - he's the infamous anonymous poster on here sometimes) I think it might be fun.

And, since I haven't posted a photo on here for a few days, I figured I'd put one up.

Last fall I was shooting my nephew's senior pictures at a local cemetary. Sounds morbid but they actually have some really cool architexture there that's perfect for photos. Maggie was pouting because I didn't take her picture, so I snapped this photo. What's really funny is the thing about the "Children's Home". Ha!



Angie said...


I tried to take my 20 month old up to the town square for a photo shoot. Riiiiight. Got appx 124 pictures of the back of his head.

BTW - I saw your sneak peeks for CHA and I am for sure doing one of those lines for my Sept monthly kit. WHEN CAN I ORDER?????

Jen said...

I totally agree on the cemetery shots... I've taken a ton of photos there myself! Cute shot of Maggie, funny how they always pick the funniest spots to have their very serious moments!! :)

Jen said...

oh and did I mention I went on the Scrapbook Hut retreat this past weekend and came home with a tattoo. LOL :) My family still doesn't think its real, just an exceptional fake. I guess when a month has gone by and it still hasn't washed off maybe they will get a clue.

ElleSto said...

i LOVE this picture, it is so funny!!! yeay for ginger being a good photog!