Tuesday, August 22, 2006

3.2 lbs down - More to go...

Well, I had weigh-in last night and I was slightly disappointed. I know that a loss is a loss, but I was really hoping for just a bit more - especially since my home scale had me closer to 7 lbs. Oh well...that's 3.2 lbs I hope to never see again!

Maggie starts school tomorrow. She'll be a BIG 1st grader and we met her teacher tonight. I'm sure that Scott is enjoying the new teach - she's about 25, tall, blonde and super cute. Maggie loves her. She was a Kindergarten teacher last year so Maggie had some interaction with her already. Funny thing is - this girl must know my Maggie because she sat her boy, Jacob, next to her. LOL!

Scott had his court date today. I haven't really blogged about it but on August 3rd, he had an accident. He was turning right at an intersection and a kid was riding his bike the wrong way on the street and they collided. The kid was totally fine but it has upset Scott to no end. Plus, he was cited and after he got home, he realized that the citation should have been given to the bicyclist because he was the one that violated the law, so we had traffic court today. His "trial" is on the 19th of September. I just pray that it all goes well. He doesn't deserve this. The kid wanted to leave and Scott wouldn't let him because he was worried that he was hurt. There is a lot more to the story (with the kid) but it boils down to the fact that Scott shouldn't pay for a kid's mistake. The most important thing is that the kid is ok- which he is, so now we have to settle this ticket issue, etc. Fortunately, our insurance company has been COMPLETELY supportive.

That's all for now. I need to get of here and get Maggie ready for School. Have a good Tuesday!


Jane Hasty said...

Yeah G! That's awesome-3.23 lbs! I wish I could say that! WTG! Jane

Angie said...

3.2 is awesome! I know you always go in that first week expecting 5+, but hey, 3.2 lbs is a lot of weight! WTG!

Kimberly Brock said...

A loss is a loss!! Keep it up Ginger :) Sorry to hear about Scott's accident.

I hope Maggie enjoyed her 1st day of school! Karly starts kindergarten on Monday.

Debby said...

Just wanted to tell you about Imagination Project papers on Print+Pattern blog! Very cool to be featured on there!

Ang said...

I have been wanting to let you know for a while that I am a huge fan of your designs. Your line first caught my eye with the "Say What, Say Anything" line. I am a huge John Cusack fan and Say Anything is one of my all time favorite movies.
I really love your new lines, especially "Scientifically Wierd"! I am not finding them available for purchase on line? any suggestions?

Keep the great ideas coming! I always look forward to seeing and purchasing the new lines.


Ang said...

found the new stuff. thanks anyway!