Friday, June 15, 2007

Ok, so let me get this straight...

Kellogg's has to change their ENTIRE marketing campaign and food formulations because parents can't simply tell their kids "no"? There are child obesity lawsuits because a cereal maker puts a toucan on the front?

Here's the deal people - WE ALL KNOW WHAT WE'RE SUPPOSED TO EAT. WE ALL KNOW what choices we're supposed to make. The last time I checked, my 7 year old didn't have any money to go into Kroger and buy a box of Fruit Loops. I don't buy her Pop Tarts because of the sugar, fat, etc. Now, I'm a big girl. Always have been for the most part, always will be. (Thanks Mom for the genetics) I've made bad food choices in life and I'm trying to change that. BUT - as a parent, I am the one making decisions as to what comes into the house that my daughter can choose from. I buy her Fruit Loops. (The reduced sugar style) I don't think it's going to kill her to have a bowl of Fruit Loops every now and then. I also bought her a swingset and she has to go outside and play every day. It's a matter of the PARENT taking the RESPONSIBILITY.

This is why our world is screwed up. It's always someone else's fault.

Oh and for the record - I lost 4.8 lbs on weight watchers this week.


Angie said...

WTG on the weight loss!

We love Fruit Loops around here, no matter how much sugar they have. Of course, my kids have the metabolism of hummingbirds... LOL

WendyG said...

I so agree....grrrrrrr...this point is exactly one of my pet peeves...."let's all blame eveyone else for where and what we are".....gimme' a break already....LOL. We'd be in a far better world if we actually held people accountable for their own decisions!!!!!
Awesome on the weight loss Ginger!!

Anonymous said...

Then how come everything that goes wrong seems to end up MY FAULT?????????????? Hello!


Tina said...

You're right on with this one Gingy. I totally agree. Why is it so hard for people to accept responsibility for THEIR OWN ACTIONS, or decisions ???

Huge Congrats on the weight loss!!

Sarah said...

Preach it!

Hi. I found your blog from Sabrina's...she's my friend. I buy limited cereals and make them eat only a small bowl at a time and not the whole box. I push the fruit on top method too. :) A serving of cereal is not nearly as big as most people's bowls. :)

Good for you on your weight loss and making yourself responsible. :)

Tricia said...

Ginger you are so right! I have very picky eaters and fruit at supper time has become a staple. I've also started them on the V8 Fusion since they have no idea it's packed with veggies they won't eat!

Congrats on the new job AND the pounds lost....GO GINGER!