Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 4th!

Well, we made it though Independence Day. My good friend Melissa had a BBQ at her house yesterday and I was quite nervous because Melissa - being Italian - always has GREAT food. I e-mailed her a few days ago and just asked if she could offer something low-cal (or I would bring it) - especially in the dessert arena because that seems to be my biggest weakness. God love her, she managed to grill chicken and offer me a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich. However, these were sitting on the table:

Anyone who knows me knows my favorite thing on the PLANET is brownies. (without nuts of course!) I looked at them, looked at the nutrition label and that was it. Didn't look at them again (except to feed one to Ms. Skinny Addison - goodness knows she could use the calories)! For me, that's an accomplishment. I'm taking them one step at a time. I managed to stay under my points for the day - all that worry was for nothing.

This weekend we're heading out of town to visit my family in Somerset, Kentucky. That basically means GOOD FOOD again (southern soul food) and an accent that I'll pick up and carry for a few days. My cousins are such wonderful people and so hospitable. I can't wait to see them and Maggie is anxious to swim and spend the night with their kids. Good times await!

Hopefully I don't bore you with my trials and tribulations of weight loss. I don't weigh in this week at WW due to the holidays so I have to be extra good for next week. Plus, I have a goal of 20 lbs total that I want gone by August 4th when we leave for Florida. Gotta stick to plan. Learning to live a lifestyle change. It's all good.

On a side note, I need a new hollywood boy toy. I never thought I'd say that but Nick has me just a bit ticked over his open tryst with Vanessa Manillafolder. I preferred to think of him as pure and virginal. Ha!


Angie said...

You did the right thing not having a brownie, even if you had the points for it. I do a fair job of not having any, but I'm crap at having ONE. It's 20 or nothing for me. LOL

As for the crush, might I recommend Desmond from LOST? Oh that scottish accent and that tight white ass... Mmm... Oh. Sorry, what were you saying?

stacy cloud said...

they have 100 calorie packs of entenman's little brownies now! i just picked some up at kroger!! hope things are going well
love, stacy