Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Girls are Here!!!

Had a busy weekend - my niece had her twins on Sunday. I have to say - I got the baby itch BAD when I first saw them but quickly remembered what it was like to be up at 2 am, then 5 am, etc. Plus, considering that I carry the same twin gene - I'm scared that baby #3 would end up being #3 and #4. Anyway - all of that aside, she's doing well. They decided to take the girls c-section because they were vertex breach. (one was sort of "wrapped" around the other is how it was explained to us)

Here are photos that my brother sent me. Because I had a birthday party for Maggie on Sunday I only got to see the twins for about 10 minutes after they were born. They were still being cleaned and evaluated so my photos aren't as "pretty" as these.

They look SO much alike! They're supposed to be fraternal but boy do they look alike. And they have our trademark Hasty nose - that little pug nose that makes us all look alike!

I could just snuggle them all day long. I'm heading down after work to give them lots of love!

So - that's the exciting moment going on for me right now. I weigh-in tomorrow but Aunt Flo is coming to town so I'm sure that any weight I lose will be a stretch. I've been a good girl, though. Hopefully that pays off. Saturday we leave for Florida and it can't get here soon enough. This time next week, I'll be sitting on the beach. (Hopefully people won't be trying to push me back in thinking I've beached myself!)


Angela said...

H what beautiful girls! I am so baby hungry it isn't even funny! Congrats on your new additions!

Stacey Panassidi said...

Hey You!! Congrats on being an Aunt! Love reading your blog, have fun in Florida, your doing great on your diet! Stacey

tina said...

they are absolutely beautiful. congrats to the whole family! : )

Kimberly Brock said...

Beautiful Babies!!!!

Jane Hasty said...

YEah! Congrats Auntie G.! Did I say C/S or what?!!